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The Phifth Anniversary Special

Hello, and welcome pholks to the Phifth Anniversary special entry of the Phile. Thanks for stopping by. So, how do you like the new look and the new logo? That's an exploding bottle of beer by the way. No, really. This is not only the 5th anniversary of this blog, but it's also the 5th anniversary of ICan' You know what's weird, thinking back to 2006, the year I started this thing, Kramer and Mel Gibson got in trouble for racial slurs, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills filed for divorce and Lindsay Lohan really started to party too much. This blog was hardly the years biggest mistake. The first entry of the Phile was published on January 8th, 2006, and since then I posted 345 entries and have done 169 interviews. It started out on AOL Journals and later when AOL shut down that part, I switched over to blogspot. I still don't know if it's pronounced blog spot or blogs pot. You know, looking
back over my past entries if I knew you guys would read this every week I would of planned a better blog. I'm sorry. I have written the blog every week or so for the last five years. It's funny, I couldn't even last at the Magic Kingdom for five days. In the first entry of the Phile, I didn't know what to do, so I told a few jokes. So, here once again, are the same few jokes I told in the very first entry of the Phile.

Q: What do you call a dead blonde in the closet? A: The hide-and-seek champion of 2001.

Q: If moms have Mother's Day and dads have Father's Day, what do single guys have? A: Palm Sunday.

Q: What is Kate Moss' favorite TV program? A: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Ways I, Jason Peverett, Am Celebrating the Phile's Fifth Anniversary
10. Same as every night: guzzle cooking sherry and watch arena football.
9. March into Soarin' and announce, "The fastpasses are on me!"
8. Dinner and dancing with Charlie Sheen's hooker.
7. Put party hats on my twin Sharpeis, Willie and Waylon.
6. Macarena! Macarena! Macarena!
5. Spend entire day alone in bedroom "chilling out" to Pink Floyd.
4. Plant a tree for each and every beautiful reader who has ever graced this fine blog.
3. Just for the hell of it, order another bombing raid on Iraq.
2. Have a giant "5" tattooed on my ass.
And the number one way I am celebrating the Phile's fifth anniversary...
1. Smokin', drinkin', scorin'. Oh, sorry, that's what I won't be doing.

Okay, kids, in the past 160 or so entries I have interviewed some very cool people. And for the fifth anniversary entry I wanted to do something different and cool. So, I asked past guests who I interviewed on the Phile to ask me a question. They could ask me anything they wanted. So, today's guest is a bunch of fine folk who have been guests on the Phile. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Marc Savoie: What inspired you to create The Peverett Phile?

Me: Good question to start of with. I always wanted to be a host of a radio show or have my own chat show but as I sound like a retarded Kermit the Frog, I knew that wouldn't happen. So, the internet and blogging is the next best thing.

Marc Savoie: What is your favorite Foghat song?

Me: Hmmmm. Most people expect me to say "Slow Ride" as that's the money making song, but I have to say one of my favorite Foghat songs has to be "Delayed Reaction" as I remember like it was yesterday my dad working on the lyrics in the kitchen.

Marc Savoie: How many records do you own?

Me: Not that many as I don't have a record player, but I do spend a lot of money on buying songs on iTunes. Thank you, Marc, for some good questions. Next is Fogdan.

Fogdan: 5 years. That is very cool. I still check in and read you stuff. And I think you are great at it... As for a question I kinda know but I think your readers might like to know. Was journalism your first choice or being your dad was Lonesome Dave you did not go the music route? I know more than one but I think it would be great to share with the readers.

Me: That's funny, Dan, only recently people have said I was a journalist, which is really cool. I guess I am in a modern type way. I didn't go into music as I don't play an instrument and I cannot sing to save myself. I got screwed over with that stuff. My sister's are more talented when it comes to that. Hell, even my son Logan is. I always love to write so I guess this blog takes care of that hobby. Also, interviewing musicians such as yourself keeps me in the music business somehow.

Tish Meeks: Who is the most interesting person you've ever interviewed?

Me: This is gonna sound like a cop out answer, Tish, but everybody is interesting in someway.

Roland Rat: Whot got ya so interested in television and talkin' to tv personalities? LUV ROL.

Me: Roland, I haven't really interviewed too many tv personalities. The first interview I did was Jill Wagner from "Wipe Out" and that was just a fluke to see if I can actually get people to answer back and let me interview them. I asked a lot of tv people to be interviewed but only a few took part. Yourself and Melissa Joan Hart are two I could think of right now. I would love to talk to more in the future though.

Bobby Rondellini: My question to you is what was it like growing up with a rock star father?

Me: Pretty damn cool. The older I got the more I appreciated it. It's crazy now looking back, as when I was growing up it seemed so normal. I wonder what Logan will say when someone asks him in 30 years what it was like growing up with a father who worked at Disney for so long. I will say one thing, we were spoilt as kids, living in such big houses and getting so many things. It makes me want to give my son so much. And thanks to my dad's music, I can.

Jeff Cameron: Who would you most like to interview that you haven't yet and what is your favorite album by Foghat?

Me: LOL. I was expecting a really crazy answer from Jeff. I would like to interview soooooo many people. My blog is posted weekly so that's a lot of people I have to try and get in touch with and interview a year. I have a top secret top five list of my dream list of people I want to interview and there's four left. One of them was Graham Parker who I interviewed twice. As far as my favorite Foghat album goes, that is "Tight Shoes".

Patricia Cox: I have a question: Regarding your sense of humor: Were you born with it? Was it the result of a tragic childhood accident? Did you commit your life to developing it out of a humorless void of seriousness? What's the story?

Me: My family always had a great sense of humor, so I guess it is in my upbringing, Patricia. I always wanted to be funny in school as I never knew how to act. In fact, the same goes with my work life. Most funny people like comedians use comedy to hide their true feelings, which I do all the time. And seriously, I am really a miserable bastard sometimes. But no one wants to read a miserable blog.

Leah West: You have a free round-trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world and it's the last plane trip of your life. Where do you go?

Me: Speaking of miserable, that's depressing, Leah. My last plane trip of my life. I would have to say back to England. And why would it be the last plane trip of my life? Am I dying? LOL. Hey, does the Playboy Mansion have a landing strip?

Gabrielle Louise: What aspects of your upbringing seeded your interest in things creative?

Me: Having a creative father of course, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Louise: Do you play a musical instrument?

Me: I used to play drums but haven't in a long time. I do play a kazoo though.

Gabrielle Louise: How important do you think the audience should be to the artist?

Me: Very important, because without the audience the artist can only do so much. I say in every interview that I download my interviewees music from iTunes, even if I am not the biggest fan, because I feel that's the least I can do after someone agrees to be interviewed. It takes time to come up with questions, and it takes time for that person to answer the questions, so as a thank you I purchase their music.

John Bentley: An unattested language from which a group of attested languages, in this case those of the Slavic, Germanic, Romance and other families, are thought to be historically derived, for what do the letters P.I.E stand?

Me: Ummmmm. I don't know, but I do know what W.T.F. stands for.

John Bentley: Okay, Jason, here's a more sensible question! Which of all the interviews you have conducted over the last 5 years, has caused the most controversy? Peace.

Me: None, which kinda disappoints me as controversy will get my blog more hits. By the way, I only started doing interviews on the Phile on December 6th, 2008. I will tell you what caused the most controversy, some remarks and jokes I told.

Joy Ike: What has been your favorite interview on your blog and why? You don't have to say me... hehe.

Me: Man, Joy, there's so many. The first has to be Graham Parker because I am such a big fan and was and still shocked I got to interview him... not once but twice. I think three times will be pushing it. Billy Dee William's was another as he is such a star and I was so freakin' nervous because that one was done in person. Roland Rat was another, which only myself and my sister Leila would understand. And perhaps the first, Jill Wagner, because once I heard back from her through Myspace and got to do her interview, I knew I could do this.

Danny Goldberg: Who is your favorite currently living blues guitarist?

Me: Buddy Guy.

Jon Tiven: If you were a vegetable, which one would you be?

Me: The one in a wheelchair. LOL. Probably a carrot as I am tall and have red hair.

Joseph Skinner: What celebrity have you wanted to interview most or have a beer with?

Me: God, there's so many celebrities I could mention, Joe. It'll be easier to say who I wouldn't wanna interview? Have a beer with? Kelly Clarkson, Reese, Kirsten Dunst, I think Sarah Palin would be fun...

Charlyne Yi: What's 2 x 2?

Me: Phour.

Leila Peverett: Who were you the most surprised to get a response back from?

Me: Pretty much everybody, Leila. I thought I would only get a response back from a few people, but 169 interviews later... and some people I interviewed actually came back on the Phile as Alumni.

Leila Peverett: Have there been any interviewees who answered the questions but you didn't post because they were so boring? You don't have to name names!

Me: No, because if I did that from the beginning I wouldn't of posted the whole Dexter Romweber interview. LOL. Once in a while interviewees would skip a question they thought wasn't worth answering and I don't blame them, I ask some stupid questions sometimes.

Leila Peverett: What made you start the blog in the first place?

Me: I thought it would be fun, but when I started I had no idea what I was doing. Check out the archives from 2006 and onwards. Second thought, I still don't know what I am doing.

Leila: Lastly, how do you get in contact with those that you interview?

Me: All depends. Myspace, Facebook, their websites, publicists, management. Also, recently past guests have recommended other people I should interview.

Mark Edlitz: Which "Sesame Street" would you most like to be stranded with on a deserted island and why? Happy 5th Anniversary!

Me: Kermit, as he would be a great person or frog to talk to.

Well, that about does it for this slightly different entry of the Phile. Thanks to everybody for supporting the blog for the last five years. Thanks also to the 17 or so people who came back to the Phile to ask me a question. I also want to thank my wife Jen and my son Logan for letting me sit up in my office for two to three hours every week on my days off to put this thing together, and to all your readers who read it every single week. It's gonna be a banner year on the Phile I hope, and I hope in five years time I will be posting a 10th anniversary entry. The Phile will be back next Thursday back with the Bridget, the lead singer from Bridget & The Squares. Remember, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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