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Pheaturing Alumni Crissi Cochrane

Hey there, welcome to another entry of the Phile. So, who saw "Cougar Town" last night? They formed a jam band and played "Slow Ride". I guess that's my new favorite show. LOL. Research shows that the No. 1 place you can pick up infections from is a doorknob. That’s why I always lick doorknobs clean before using them. One of the reasons it’s so hard to get rid of the rhinovirus is that it’s constantly evolving. Picture a germy Lady Gaga. The best way to prevent a cold is to cover your mouth when you sneeze. I think that’s why the Tyrannosaurus Rex went extinct. Because its arms were very short. So, do you kids follow the Nobel Prize? The Nobel Prize is given out by a mysterious group called “Scandinavians.” They give a prize for medicine, for physics, and for comedy variety. The Nobel Peace Prize is like the Oscar for Best Picture. The prize for science is like the Oscar for sound editing. Christine O’Donnell released a commercial in which she says, "I’m not a witch." That’s pretty good, though not as effective as her opponent's slogan, "I'm not Christine O'Donnell." Last Friday we went on a field trip with Logan's home school group to the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg. It was amazing, especially when an actual Holocaust survivor named Eva spoke to the class. We were the first group she has ever spoken to, and the reason she spoke to us was because Logan's generation is the last to find out what really happened from survivors. Logan's kids would never be able to meet a survivor. Anyway, walking around the museum there was lots of stuff about Germany, but nothing about Japan. Japan wasn't mentioned once. I thought they were part of World War 2, I mean, they made a movie about it called "Pearl Harbor". There was a really odd poster there to buy in the gift shop that pretty much says it all on who won the War. Take a look...

So, after the museum we went to the St. Pete beach and I couldn't believe they were selling some kind of inspirational posters there. I cracked up when I saw this one, if I don't say so myself.

And now for the sad news...

Norman Wisdom
February 4, 1915 - October 4, 2010
He was an English comedian. And you know how funny THEY are.
Tony Curtis
June 3, 1925 - September 29, 2010
The Sweet Smell of Success for hundreds of death pool lists.

And now, from the home office in Port Jefferson, NY, here is this week's...

Top Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook
10. You have crossed eyes and a chapped ass.
9. You're hit with 130 million restraining orders.
8. You post pictures on Facebook of you posting pictures on Facebook.
7. Your relationship status: Pathetic.
6. You can count your friends on 15,286 fingers.
5. No number five -- I'm checking my status on Facebook.
4. When mom calls to ask how you're feeling, you check your status to find out.
3. You just found out on Facebook that your wife is divorcing you.
2. You think the U.S. should "defriend" Iran.
And the number one sign you spend too much time on Facebook...
1. Constantly poking yourself.

Today's guest is another returning Alumni who was first on the Phile January 31st of this year. Since then she has a brand new album out called "Darling, Darling" and she will be hosting the Phog Lounge Open Mic on October 18th in Windsor, Ontario. Phog Lounge... that sounds like something I would have. Anyway, please welcome back to the Phile... Crissi Cochrane.

Me: Hello, Crissi, welcome back to the Phile. So, how have you been?

Crissi: Thanks for inviting me back! I've been good. Keeping busy!

Me: When I last interviewed you went by the stage name Save September, but now you are back to your original real name? What made you change it?

Crissi: I first started playing music under the name "Save September" back in 2004, when I was in the 10th grade. As a person, I feel that I've changed at least five times over since then, and obviously, my music has changed as well. I felt that there should be a distinction between what I was, and what I am now. Performing under my actual name also makes a lot more sense for me as a solo act. It feels much more personal and mature.

Me: I listened to some of the songs on your new album "Darling, Darling" and really liked it. Right now it's not available on iTunes, but will it be in the future?

Crissi: "Darling, Darling" may be on iTunes eventually, but it will always be available online at I've been casually looking into iTunes, but it isn't the easiest thing to set up as an independent artist.

Me: Your last release that I interviewed you about you recorded in the bathroom, right? Where was this new album recorded?

Crissi: Actually, I've had two releases since the "Bathroom EP". In the spring of 2009, I put out a three-song Sampler disc of some tunes recorded at a local college (they had studios on campus for a recording arts program). My newest album "Darling, Darling" far outshines the other two! It was recorded in December of 2009 at Soma Studios in Chicago over the course of seven days. The record features a backing band, and beautiful string quartet arrangements performed by Drew Jurecka (who most notably performs with Canadian songstress Jill Barber). My all-time hero Mike Kinsella (of American Football, and his solo project Owen) lives in Chicago, and I was lucky enough to have him play percussion on the album. All together, I'm very pleased and proud of the record.

Me: You're from Halifax, right? Do you still live there?

Crissi: I actually grew up an hour outside of Halifax, in the beautiful rural Annapolis Valley. I lived in Halifax for three years after high school, but I've since moved to Windsor, Ontario. I made the move in August on the train with my two cats, and have settled into a lovely flat. It's nice to be closer to Toronto, and to experience living in a new city.

Me: And you graduated from high school since we last spoke. Do you or are you planning on going to college?

Crissi: Silly you! I was actually two years out of high school. I had just finished a one-year Music Business program at the Nova Scotia Community College. Further post-secondary seems like a "plan B" in my mind, and I'm not done with my "plan A" yet, which is to get settled here in Ontario, focus on writing and recording some new material over the winter, and hopefully start touring in the spring.

Me: Your parents must be proud of you with your new album? What was their reaction when they first heard it?

Crissi: They were definitely pleased. After so much low-fi and low budget recording, it feels really satisfying to be able to put together a professional studio album. They were saying, "we should have done this years ago!"

Me: You have been playing quite a few shows, Crissi. Do you perform with a band? Is it the same band you recorded with?

Crissi: Haha, I wish I could fly Mike and Drew in for shows! That was a pretty killer line-up on the record, but all those folks are professional musicians who all live far away. I'm still performing solo, but I did have some musicians in Halifax back me up to perform the songs from the record at the CD release. I do hope to find some backing musicians here in Ontario in the long run.

Me: On your EP you recorded a song called "Mexico", and it's on your new album. What made you redo that song? You must really like it.

Crissi: "Mexico" is one of the few older songs that have remained pretty constant in my repertoire, and it's sort of become a fan favorite. I've recorded that song about four or five times before "Darling, Darling", and I was never satisfied with the end result of any of those versions. "Mexico" on "Darling, Darling" finally does the song justice - that is the way that it should sound.

Q: The last time I interviewed you you mentioned some people you like musically and you mentioned Meaghan Smith who I am a big fan of. I got to interview her for the Phile, did you see that?

Crissi: I did! Good job.

Me: So, any shows planned for the States yet?

Crissi: Not just yet, although it's literally right next door - when I walk downtown in Windsor, I can see the American flags flying atop buildings in Detroit. It's beautiful. I'm hoping to visit Chicago this winter - last year I was so busy with recording that I barely saw the city at all. I turned 21 this year, so I might investigate setting up a show or two if I can make the trip!

Me: You are doing a weekly variety show, is that right? Tell the Phile readers about it where can they see it? Any chance you'd be recording these shows?

Crissi: My friend Jackie Robitaille and I are putting on a weekly Variety Show every Sunday at the FM Lounge (156 Chatham Street W) here in Windsor. Every week will be different, with featured guests, open mics, and baked goods. We won't be recording them, so Windsorites will have to come down to witness it! It's free, and so are the delicious baked treats.

Me: I love the video you did for "Coming Home". Was it fun to do? I noticed you have a piece of metal on your face. Ow! When did you get that done? Also, is that a tat I see on your back?

Crissi: The video shoot was incredible, we had such a wonderful team of people. And yes, I've had my side lip pierced for five years now. My tattoo on my back is four hearts, one for each member of my family. It was my mother's idea - someday, when our family "grows", we'll add on new hearts.

Me: Okay, Crissi, what is next for you? A live album perhaps?

Crissi: I'll hopefully be spending the winter working on new material, but some high-quality live videos might not be too far off either!

Me: Thanks for being on the Phile. Go ahead and plug your websites. You are also on Twitter, right? I tried to do Twitter but Facebook is enough. What do you like best?

Crissi: You can listen to and order "Darling, Darling" at - only $15 to anywhere in Canada, and $17 to the US! I'm pretty addicted to Twitter - I'm always tweeting about adapting in Windsor, drunk dudes trying to hit on me, and the music I love. You can follow me at

Me: Best wishes, continued success and you are going to have a bright future, my dear. Come back to the Phile soon, okay?

Crissi: Thank you for having me!

Well, that's it for another entry of the Phile. Thanks to Crissi for a really good interview. She's always welcomed back to the Phile. The Phile will be back next Thursday with another Alumni, bass player from my all-time favorite band in the world (except for Foghat)... Squeeze. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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