Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pheaturing Kati Mac

Hello, and welcome to a Wednesday entry of the Peverett Phile. I am Jason Peverett, and I approve this message.  So, Obama is still President. You're welcome. LOL. I like to think having him on the Phile and all the other Democrats, the Phile played a big part. But I know I didn't. Who stayed up late like me to watch the whole thing play out? I bet you Mitt Romney was nervous like a baby daddy on "Maury" waiting for the test results. Mitt, you are not the President. I say good for Obama and all, but really, what percentage of the vote did Roseanne Barr get? Everyone last night was like "I love Obama!" or "I love Romney!" And I was like "I'd love more Oxy!"  TMZ is reporting that Tim Tebow has a girlfriend, beautiful actress Camilla Belle. The word is that she likes him for him, and not just for how much time he spends sitting on the bench.  The birth rate in the United States has hit an all-time low. But to be fair, basketball season has just started. It’s going to take a while for these guys to get out there and go to different towns. Just be patient.  Who is excited about the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall? There's a bit of a controversy now because of product placement. Like instead of his signature martini, Bond now drinks Heineken. That's not the only example... 007 is now 007-11. You know Miss Moneypenny? She's now Miss JCPenny.  This won't happen again, Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for making puns about his name, like “Romnesia.” Then he said, “I mean it’s just an “Obamanation.”  Well, as you know, Obama was re-elected for a second term, and he has already released a poster.

Let's talk about stuff that's more important. The Star Wars Angry Birds app came out today. This is not the first time those two things have mashed-up though.

Talking about Star Wars, they already released the poster for the first Disney made Star Wars movie.

Shit, it's gonna be a Pixar film. I was hoping it'll be live action.  So, I use Facebook a lot, but I am just starting to figure out Twitter. I was playing around on it and found this.

Is that Snooki advertising the Phile? A Phile reader sent me this picture the other day...

I am glad Foghat got an extra gig, but that early, really? And now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York...

Top Phive Things To Do While Waiting In Line For Gas
5. Finally treat yourself to that epic, nostril-ravaging nose-pick you've been putting off.
4. See how many bottles of Snapple you can drink in an hour... then see how quickly you can refill them.
3. Get started on writing that sci-fi novel you keep putting off: "Gas-pocalyspse!"
2. Regret burning through most of your gas the previous day by doing nine hours of donuts in the church parking lot.
And the number thing to do while waiting in line for gas...
1. Just keep cocking and uncocking your gun, muttering about how "might makes right".

Well, the election was last night, and it's all over now, so I thought I would invite a friend of the Phile to come on and give his opinion on Election Day. Please welcome back to the Phile singer, surfer, patriot, renaissance man... Laird Jim.

Okay... so the election is over. To be honest, I don't give a rats ass who won. This country is in trouble, needs help and needs to fix itself. No ONE man is going to wave a magic wand and repair a nation in dispair. There ARE no more J.F.K's... No more Ronald Reagans. Just slickly polished puppets in nicely pressed suits, smiling for the camera. If I didn't love this country so much, I would've grabbed my board and headed for Australia YEARS ago. Good luck, my freaky little darlings. We're going to need it. Now can we fix what's wrong in the Northeast now?

Thanks, Laird. Well, it's Wednesday, and every Wednesday I invite my friend Jeff to the Phile and we talk football. This week his Steelers beat my Giants so I am afraid he's going to gloat. We'll see. Welcome back to the Phile Jeff Trelewicz in a pheature I call...

Me: Hello, Jeff, welcome back to the Phile for week 10.

Jeff: It's great to be back on the Phile for week number 10.

Me: Okay, let's hear it... Your Steelers beat my Giants. What did you think about that game? I bet you were dancing for joy, right? Go ahead and gloat.

Jeff: If you think I will gloat because Pittsburgh beat New York, you are sorely mistaken. It was a great game. There were times I thought the replacement refs were back because of some horrible calls, but it was a great game!

Me: So, what's the other big news in the NFL this week?

Jeff: The news of the week is that Andrew Luck set the single game rookie record for most passing yards in a single game. Everyone said R.G. 3 would be the better quarterback. But I'm not sure that's the case anymore. There is a lot of talk Michael Vick will be benched as Eagles quarterback. He should be at this point.

Me: Last week you were winning by one point, how did we do this week?

Jeff: The reason I'm not gloating is I had a horrible week going 0-2-1 while you had a 3-0 week. So my one point lead is now a three point deficit. Congratulations.

Me: Really? Cool. I feel like Obama on election night. Alright, let's do this weeks picks. I say Colts will win by 7, The Patriots will win by 8 and San Francisco will win by four. What do you say?

Jeff: I will go with Denver by 7, Seattle by 3, and Baltimore by 3 as well.

Me: Jeff, thank so much. I will have you back next Thursday. On Wednesday I get my staples taken out. Talk to you then, Jeff.

Jeff: Good luck with your staples. See you next week!

Today's pheatured guest is a five time Emmy nominated songwriter whose fantastic latest CD "Save Me From Myself" is available right now from iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Kati Mac.

Me: Hello, Kati, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Kati: I’m great, Jason. How are you?

Me: I'll be better as soon as I can take my meds again in a few hours. I just had surgery last week on my broken humerous. Okay, I have to say, I downloaded your latest album "Save Me From Myself" from iTunes and really, really liked it. This is your fifth album, right?

Kati: Yes, it is my fifth indie release.

Me: How would you compare this album to the other four?

Kati: This album is roots rock. The other four are more rock.

Me: I love the title track, Kati. How did you decide that was gonna be the name of the album?

Kati: I loved the vibe musically and lyrically and based the CD around that song.

Me: Sheryl Crow, I am sure, is influenced by you, Kati. Who are your influences music wise?

Kati: LOL! I love Sheryl Crow. I can’t say enough about her. But, she is more like a contemporary than an influence. I think she and I are very similar in our influences and would probably be buddies if we met. I used to joke that I as the East Coat version of Sheryl ;) Session singer, songwriter... I love many artists and have many influences from The Beatles to Lucinda Williams. All good melodies move me. I also love songs that tell stories and make people feel.

Me: I am guessed you are a big Beatles fan as on one of your albums you dedicated a song called "Cranberry Sauce" to John Lennon. What is the connection of cranberry juice and Lennon? It's probably obvious, I just can't think.

Kati: First off, than you for actually listening and thinking. That is what I did and still do when I listen to an artist. I always wanna go deeper. I always wanna know why the songwriter wrote the song. It is "Cranberry Sauce" Not Juice! John Lennon said Cranberry Sauce in "All You Need Is Love" and everybody thought he said I buried Paul. Remember the big scandal about playing the song “Strawberry Fields” backwards? And all the symbolism attributed to the Abbey Road album cover?

Me: Yeah, that's right.

Kati: It fired my imagination. What John actually said was revealed in the Beatles movie in 1998. I wrote that song with one of my favorite writers, Martin Briley. I was so inspired by that history of The Beatles movie.

Me: What Beatles movie is this?

Kati: I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name of it!

Me: Well, I also loved your cover of "Dear Prudence", Kati. Did you ever cover any other Beatles songs?

Kati: Thank you. The day my brother Bobby was buried, I listened to "Dear Prudence" 100 times. It got me through he day. I was 10. The poem I read is by my brother when he was 7 years old. The sirens, my screaming was all a collage to him. His death and my grief. I also recorded “It’s Only Love” on "Poseidon’s Son".

Me: My dad always said there's Stones fans and Beatles fans. He was the Stones, me, I am a Beatles fan. Do you agree with that statement?

Kati: First off, how cool!! Love Foghat! Some of the best days of my misspent youth were spent listening to them! Yes, your dad was right for the time. I think when they were actively charting and on the scene, that was true. Now, however, I think people can be fans of both with a clear conscience ;)

Me: Kati, I interviewed a lot of musicians who work with various family members... your husband is a musician, a trumpet player I think, right? Do you guys work together?

Kati: Yes, my husband, Tim Ouimette, is a great trumpet player, composer and arranger. We met because I hired him to play on m last CD. His flugel horn solo on my song “Trapeze”, about my experience with 9/11 is gorgeous! He co-produced the CD with me. He wrote the horn arrangements and helped with the mixes. Gotta admit, I am bossy. I know where I want input and where I don’t. He is cool with that.

Me: I could never work with my wife. He must really help you though, right?

Kati: He bugs the crap out of me! Did I say that out loud??? OMG what I meant to say was, yes, he really helps me through. HAHAHAHAHA! It is great to have his ears on the project as well as his understanding of harmony and horn arrangements.

Me: Apart from your husband who plays on the album with you?

Kati: Yikes, quite a list of very talented musicians. Drums: Denny McDermot, Kevin Hupp. On bass: Charlie Knicely, Al Hemberger.  Keys: Jon Cobert, guitars: Peter Calo, Van Manakis, Steve Kirkman, Mike Benjamin. Fddle: Deni Bonet.

Me: Did you hand pick all these musicians yourself?

Kati: Yes. They are my fave people to work with and I was glad to have them be a part of the CD.

Me: Do you like playing live or in the studio best, Kati?

Kati: I love all of it.

Me: Apart from the latest CD, I also downloaded "Poseidon's Son", your last CD. I downloaded the explicit version even though I haven't heard yet why iTunes marked a few songs as explicit. Do you know why?

Kati: There are a few sexually edgy songs. Nothing shocking. I do say the F word in “At The Edge Of the Pond”. Was getting my Master’s Degree in Composition at Purchase College and writing and recording the CD as part of my degree. So, I went wide with my style and challenged myself to write in ways that I was unfamiliar with personally. That is why there are many different genres on that CD. The F word, the naughty lyrics horn arrangements, open tunings and varied time sinatures were a challenge for me! It is all very tame really! Very explicit, NOT!

Me: I have to ask, is that you on the album cover sitting on the beach?

Kati: Yes.

Me: Wow. Okay... ahem, speaking of album covers, where was the "Save Me From Myself" album cover taken? It looks cold.

Kati: It looks cold but it was not. It was in New Jersey.

Me: I saw this photo of you walking alongside of a bridge with your guitar case.

Me: You are braver then I am. I am so clumsy, I would of been falling into the cold water. Did that worry you?

Kati: No, it was my suggestion.

Me: Okay, I have to mention this, Kati... you are from New York City and were there during 9/11. How close to the World Trade Center were you?

Kati: Across the street.

Me: Did you see the planes hit?

Kati: Yes, the second one. I ran for my life. Very traumatic.

Me: I can't imagine what you went through and thought...

Kati: I was scared that I was about to be killed.

Me: You volunteered and helped the Red Cross, right? What kinda stuff did you have to do?

Kati: Gave out food and water to the rescue workers.

Me: Did that day effect your songwriting? Last year I had a special 9/11 Tenth Anniversary entry with John Berenzy who is also a musician from New York and he mentioned how that effected everything he did musically.

Kati: I have never been the same. It is weird. My writing came back about a year later. My ability to function came back slower. I hope it is back! ;) Sometimes, I wonder. There was me before 9/11 and there is me after 9/11 for sure.

Me: Do you still live in New York?

Kati: I live Upstate now. Couldn’t go back there.

Me: Lets talk about something lighter, Kati. You are a reiko master. What is that?

Kati: I don't think I am a master at anything.

Me: I think you are a master songwriter, Kati. Anyway, thanks so much for being on the Phile, I am a huge fan and love your music. Go ahead and plug your website and please come back when your next album comes out. All the best.

Kati: Thank you! My website is

There you go, that about does it for this entry. Thanks to my guests Laird Jim, Jeff Trelewicz and of course Kati Mac. Buy this album! Well, the next entry of the Phile was supposed to be on Sunday but I am doing nothing but laying around, reading comic books and watching TV I might as well post an extra Phile this week. So, the Phile will be back on Saturday with British guitarist Andy Drudy. Then on Sunday it's Alumni Sam and Luke, Monday another Alumni Kevin Rowe and on Thursday the British rock band Damn Vandals. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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