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Pheaturing Cy Curnin From The Fixx

Hiya, kids, welcome to the Power of the Phile. Yesterday I went to to the first Orlando Comic Expo. I had a great time seeing some old Phile Alumni like artist Michael Banks and author Jim Korkis, as well as a some friends and Phile phans alike.  Last Saturday, Mitt Romney took some time off from campaigning to watch his grandson’s soccer game. Though it got awkward when one team pulled their goalie and Romney was like, “Look at that... another job lost under President Obama.”  The CEO of IKEA announced that he will retire next year after 34 years with the company. Of course, it was awkward when IKEA just gave him pieces of a gold watch with instructions on how to put it together. So, anybody reading this on the new iPhone 5? I read that the Apple executive who designed the iPhone just bought a new $17 million mansion in California. And if there’s any justice at all, he’ll find out the new house isn’t compatible with any of the furniture from his last house.  We haven't talked about that Curiosity rover in awhile. I'm excited about the Curiosity rover. It took off from Cape Canaveral last November and it landed on Mars a few weeks ago. That's still faster than flying JetBlue. The rover Curiosity has two separate computer systems. They probably should have called it Bi-Curiosity. One thing that Curiosity has already confirmed is that one of the moons of Mars is gradually getting closer to Mars and will probably collide in about 10 million years. And when that happens, well, only Larry King will be around to find out.  So, who saw the Emmy's last night? I didn't, I watched Saturday's "Doctor Who" episode instead. Anyway, I just read up on the Emmy's, and I thought it was nice to see black folks at the Emmy's. Sad one of 'em had to lay down on the stage as part of a gag. The Emmy's are kind of like "Glee" in the sense that I don't watch the Emmy's.  So, has anybody seen any of these laying around?

Alright, so yesterday I told you I went to the Orlando Comic Expo, and noticed a few odd items that were being sold there.

You think that's bad? Look at this one.

They were selling an inspirational poster there, but it wasn't what you would think.

Okay, now for a pheature I call.

Okay, so, recently in the press there was a report that actor Morgan Freeman passed away. Thank goodness it was a hoax. I tried to invite the man himself to the Phile to prove he was okay, but couldn't get in touch with him. I did, though, get in touch with the next best thing. Please welcome back to the Phile...

Hello, I am Morgan Phreeman... aka God. I am not dead... yet, but I've done a lot. I have been God... twice. Been a school lawyer, a pimp and a police suspect, a gravedigger and Sergeant Major, an illiterate driver, been a principal, a savior, beaten to death, a prisoner and taught boxing... twice, not the boxing though. I have been a Brigadier General, directed a movie, a detective, the President of the USA, a psychologist and an author, an ex-boxer, and befriended Batman himself. I have been the leader of assassins, and Nelson Mandela. And I have been a spy that kills a lot of people. But, I am not dead. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Okay then, the 25th artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery is Jeffro Kilpatrick, and this is one of his great pieces. I love this one.

Jeffro will be a guest on the Phile next Wednesday.

This is so freaking cool. Today's pheatured guest is a singer/songwriter and musician. He is the lead vocalist for the new wave music group, The Fixx. The band became famous with the song "One Thing Leads to Another" in 1983, and remained popular in the United States throughout the 1980s. Their latest album "Beautiful Friction" is now available in stores and on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile from The Fixx... Cy Curnin.

Me: Hello, Cy, welcome to the Phile. It is such a huge honor to have you hear. How are you?

Cy: Thank you! The pleasure is mine.

Me: My dad was a big fan and we must've played the album "Reach the Beach" a thousand times. We'll talk about music in a minute though, Cy. You're from England originally, right? What part?

Cy: Yes. Wimbledon, London.

Me: I lived in Putney, right near Wimbledon in Highland's Heath apartments when I was little. I was just talking to my 12 year old son telling him, about The Wombles. Do you remember the Wombles?

Cy: I was actually born in Wimbledon… so theoretically I am a Womble. Madame Chaulet was den mom.

Me: Did you ever see one? I saw Madame Chaulet once at a fair. I am trying to convince my kid they are real.

Cy: Now you can tell your child you actually know one.

Me: You lived in New York for awhile, right? Was that in the city?

Cy: Manhattan, yes!

Me: We lived in New York, but out on Long Island. Anyway, how did you decide to move away from England?

Cy: The band's success brought me to NYC… and I fell in love with the place first, and then with a girl.

Me: Did the whole band move?

Cy: At first Jamie came too but stayed only for a year.

Me: When did you first come over to the States, Cy? Were you in The Fixx then?

Cy: 1982. Yes, The Fixx had their first US tour.

Me: What did you think when you first came over?

Cy: Being half Irish and half French I felt immediately at home.

Me: You live in France now, right? Do people in your town treat you okay being that you're British?

Cy: I speak French fluently so I fit in.

Me: What made you move to France?

Cy: Again love… a French girl this time...

Me: Alright, let's talk about The Fixx, one of the greatest new wave bands. What did you think of that whole new wave brand?

Cy: All I know is how I feel about what we do and not the brand. Music is a cathartic experience for us.

Me: What bands did you listen to growing up, Cy?

Cy: Stones, The Who, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Bowie, Bolan, Ferry, etc.

Me: What bands in the 80's were you closest to?

Cy: The Police… we were neighbours for a while. Sting lived up the street.

Me: Anyway, I have to ask you about the band name The Fixx. Is it true your record label wanted you to change the name from The Fix to The Fixx with two x's?

Cy: They were worried about the possibility of a drug connotation yes… idiots. Fix with one x or Fixx with two x's sounds the same.

Me: A drug reference? When I hear the phrase the fix, I think about things actually getting fixed, not a drug reference. Labels are stupid, right?

Cy: Of course. It was supposed to be showing what we had set our sights on... fix(x) your sights.

Me: I am glad there's a new Fixx album  out, Cy. This is the first one in almost ten years. In between you had a few solo albums out. What made you guys release a new Fixx album now?

Cy: The timing felt right. We were in the right mood and events in society needed venting.

Me: You have all the original members back together, right?

Cy: We never broke up. We just went off the radar into deep space for a while. Danny had some health issues and needed to rest but he couldn't resist the call of the wild in the end.

Me: So, where did the name of the album "Beautiful Friction" come from?

Cy: The creative process does have some constructive arguments. I felt this was a "Beautiful Friction". Adam came up with the phrase and it struck a chord. He is good with titles.

Me: On the album you sing about the Occupy Wall Street movement and 9/11, as well as some other modern day themes. Were all your songs about real life happenings?

Cy: Everything that happens on the planet is real life… unless it's on TV. Hate groups disturb me. The planet's destruction does. A fat, lazy generation that confuses entitlement with enlightenment does too.

Me: Being over in France, did you hear a lot about Occupy Wall Street?

Cy: I was in NYC on the first day of the movement. Then I noticed it popping up all around the globe. This is a hopeful sign for the future. Watching the next generation waking up to all the injustices that we took for granted.

Me: How do you compare your songwriting and music as a solo act to The Fixx stuff?

Cy: My solo stuff tends to be about my more vulnerable side… insecurities and the like. The Fixx is a more like a social platform where we discuss current emotions and events.

Me: I have to ask you about the album cover for "Beautiful Friction". Who did the art work?

Cy: George Underwood. The same guy who painted "Reach The Beach", "Phantoms" and "Calm Animals". His art is a spectacular fit with the band's work I feel.

Me: So, will you be touring behind the new album? Hopefully you'll come to Orlando to play, Cy.

Cy: We will always be back to Orlando. We play there often.

Me: How is it being with your old band mates again?

Cy: Same as it always was… An immense pleasure.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about "One Thing Leads To Another", one of the biggest hits from the 80's. How did that song change your life, Cy?

Cy: Financial security. It flew The Fixx flag high in the pop world and still it gets a ton of airplay. That song always fits another decade... watch it keep going! As the title says… it really does lead to another!!

Me: Is there a favorite Fixx song of yours?

Cy: They all serve a purpose.

Me: Recently you toured with Midge Ure. How is he? We don't hear a lot from him in the States.

Cy: Midge is fine…very active with the Prince's Trust back in the U.K. Ultravox are recording too I believe. He's a real gentleman and it was a pleasure to travel and work with him. His crew are wonderful people too.

Me: There's something else I have to ask you about, Cy. What's this you went to Nepal with Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze? You didn't climb a mountain, did you?

Cy: We sure did! We went to Everest in 2007 with the Love Hope Strength charity. Founded by James Chippendale and Mike Peters from the Alarm. They do amazing work... post their link...

Me: Wikipedia said you often sing in stage holding a glass of wine. Is that true?

Cy: My maternal grandfather was a wine banker in Bordeaux France… it was a family thing. We learnt about the history and the making and tasting of wines… it's a powerful medicine when used correctly. Keeps my throat loose on stage.

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile. I hope this was fun. Please come back again when your next project comes out, Cy.

Cy: Thank you.

Me: Go ahead and mention your website and take care.

Cy:, And you can also find The Fixx on Facebook and myself on Facebook.

Me: Thanks, Cy, and I hope this interview leads into another...

Well, there you go, kids. Thanks to Cy Curnin for a great interview. The Phile will be back on Wednesday with Dean Povinsky from the Canadian band Wildlife. Then next Sunday it's Clo Floret, lead singer for the French band We Are Enfant Terrible. Next Monday there's not gonna be an entry as I will be at Epcot's 30th celebration. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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