Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sixth Anniversary Special

Hello, kids, welcome to the Sixth Anniversary Special of the Phile, how are you? It was six years ago today that I sat here with no idea what I was doing. And nothing’s changed. If today is the sixth anniversary of the Phile, that means tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of me not giving a crap. Six years... I don't wanna give anything away, but in May you'll find out I am really dead and writing this thing in purgatory. In six years there's been 438 entries and 260 interviews... that's more people than read and write all the other blogs on Blogger. Speaking of Blogger, this year also marks the fifth year the Phile has been a blogspot on Blogger. The Phile started out on AOL Journals which closed down and then transferred over to here. Blogger is ran by Google, and I have to hand it to them, Google knows how to advertise. Take a look at this.

Gotta love it! There's also a Google inspirational poster.

LOL. That Google Chrome shit sucks by the way. Watch Google pull the plug on the Phile now and this'll be my final entry. See ya over at Wordpress, kids. Just kidding... I think. I never mentioned this before but January 8th is also a big deay. Today Elvis was born in Tupel, Mississippi. Did you know Elvis Presley was gay? No? well, I have proof with this rare picture not found anywhere, except here on the Phile. Look.

Told ya. Other news happened on January 8th throughout history as well, but not as important as the Phile starting. Guitarist Steve Clark from Def Leppard found dead from a drug and alcohol overdose. He was 31. George Bush, sick with the stomach flu, decides not to excuse himself at a Tokyo state dinner. He vomits in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister while cameras are rolling, to the great amusement of everyone except the Prime Minister. Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski attempts to hang himself in his jail cell with his underwear. Let's hope for his mother's sake that the underwear he chose was clean. Alright, from the new home office in Phulfortha City, here is this week's...

Top Ten Ways I'm Celebrating The Phile's 6th Anniversary
10. Cupcakes with creamy Lipitor frosting.
9. Begging the feds to remove my ankle bracelet for the night.
8. 13 shots of Jager, dude!
7. Receiving thoughtful "Time To Retire?" bouquet from Google CEO Larry Page.
6. An intimate dinner with friends and family at Long John Silver's.
5. Drinks with my prize-winning collies Krystal and Alexis.
4. The girls from "The View" took me for an afternoon of facials and gossip.
3. Treating myself to a new hairpiece.
2. Turning over the show to my sister Leila.
And the number one way I'm celebrating the Phile's 6th anniversary...
1. After this blog is posted, Snoop and I are going to get shizzle-faced.

The 9th artist to be pheatured in the P.P.A.G. musician and artist Christine Leakey and this is one of her pieces of work.

It's a picture of me driving a car. LOL. Anyway, Christine will be a guest on the Phile next Sunday. 

Okay, kids, I wanted to do something different and special for the Phile's sixth anniversary, so I decided to invite four people who mean something to me personally and to the Phile to talk about the Phile, how I can improve it and make it better. So, let me introduce to you the folks, okay. The first has been a guest on the Phile four times over the past few years. His lastest album "Bargofaxis: A Cosmic Love Story" is available from Amazon, CD Baby and on iTunes and he's the writer of the Pat Riot stuff here on the Phile. Please welcome... Jeff Cameron. The second guest has been on the Phile more times then anybody, except for me of course. He started out with the "Ask Jeff" pheature and all football season has been here with the "Phootball Talk With Jeff" pheature. He also has his own blogspot called The Entertainment Guru. Please welcome to the Phile... Jeff Trelewicz. I figured I'd better get a woman on the panel so I invited someone who has been a big fan and also has been a guest three times. She was last a guest on the Phile January 1st. She has been pheatured as a musician and artist here, records under the name Oh, Alexis! Her latest album "Unsettled Heart" is now available on Bandcamp. Please welcome... Alexis White. Finally, the last guest on the panel has never been on the Phile, but is a loyal reader and follower, and probbaly one of the Phile's biggest fans. Also he has been to more gigs then anybody I know. Please welcome to the Phile, my good friend... Matt Giarrizzo. These four people are part of...

Me: Hello, guys, and gal, welcome to the 6th anniversary. I picked you four as you all have been a big part of the Phile, either being a guest, a phan or both. I wanted to get you together and talk about the Phile as we go into the sixth year. I didn't think I'll make it to five years, and if I had to guess, the Phile has at least another three years to go before I get too old and burnt out. It is hard work posting every week once or twice, or three times as I have been doing recently. So, first of, let's talk about the positives of the Phile. It's good to start of with positive feedback. So, the first question is, what do you like about the Phile in general? Jeff C., you can go first.

Jeff C: I like some of the interviews in the Phile, great rock people whom you cover, that you won't often see press in Rolling Stone or Goldmine, people like Mike Finnigan or Graham Parker or me, or that mastering guy Bob Ludwig. 

Me: Other Jeff, what do you say?

Jeff T: This quite frankly resemble's the Census. LOL.  What do I like best about the Phile? It's a different voice in the comedy world for starters. It's not the same jokes (most times) that we hear on late night talk or with our friends. You also get a chance to interview people that a) might not always get their name out there b) we might not know their name, but we know them c) The interviews themselves don't always ask the same old boring questions we see from other interviews!

Me: True. Okay, Alexis?

Alexis: Howdy! I must say that, above everything else that is so phantastic about the Phile, I love that you have been so dedicated to it for so long. I know it's a lot of hard work and I respect you so much for keeping it up. I love the jokes, the interviews, the funny pictures. The Phile has such great personality!

Me: Thanks, and Matt, what do you say?

Matt: I like that the Phile skims the cultural pond. Your interviews showcase musicians, actors & artists who are either up-and-coming or underrated. I can always rely on the Phile to turn me on to new things and remind me of some good old things as well. It helps bring new ideas in entertainment to the public eye. On the Phile, creative people can promote whatever project they may be working on, be it song, film, canvas, or whatever.

Me: That's a good start, kids. So, what do you think of the blog's name? I don't like it. There's a radio talk show here based in Orlando called "The Philips Phile" that has been on the radio for at least twenty years or so. I always thought if I ever had a forum like a radio show, talk show or website it'll be called The Peverett Phile, ripping off Mr. Jim Philips. Then when I created the Phile in '05 I called it that without really thinking. It was gonna be called Ramblings, Red or Jason's Journal which are really lame names. And my least favorite One Way Ticket To The Internet. So, what do you think of the name, and if you had to name it, what would you name it?

Jeff C: I like the name I think its cool and ridiculous at the same time.

Jeff T: Show's that switch names never succeed. The name is just fine. As long as Jim and Moira don't find out, they will come after you. Jim scares me!

Me: I did send Jim Philips and e-amil when I started this thing asking if it was okay if I used the Phile name, or if he owned it and he replied back, no one owns the English language. Alexis? What do you think about the name? Should I change it?

Alexis:  I like the name. A name is what you make of it, and I think you've made something great of the name "The Peverett Phile". I wouldn't change it now, after all of these years of hard work.

Me: Well, I did change it a little bit... I dropped the "The". Well, I always loved the logo, and the few different ones the Phile had. What do you think of the logo with the flying filing cabinet? Or phlying philing cabinet?

Jeff C: Logo's give the reader a sense of continuity, a sense of coming back to the same place
something familiar.

Alexis: I love the logo! It is one of my favorite logos, ever.

Me: Thanks, Alexis. That's saying a lot. Matt?

Matt: I never really thought about the logo. It's fine by me. 

Me: When I started the Phile I wasn't doing interviews, which made for a boring read. What was your favorite interview I did, and the first one that sticks out?

Jeff C: I like the last Graham Parker interview, the Mike Finnigan interview, the next to last or last one with me.

Jeff T: Favorite interviews? Me! Oh wait... you interviewed our manager but never me. I'd say my all time favorite interview of yours was with Bermuda Schwartz from Weird Al's band!

Me: You are talking about Victor Langlois who was the first author to be pheatured in The Peverett Phile Book Club. It's true, I did interview our old manager, Jeff, but between your two pheature's you have been on the Phile more than anyone. Alexis, what was your favorite interview?

Alexis: Your interview with Brooke Waggoner on Sept 16th, 2010. I had the pleasure of playing with her in a Writer's Round in Murfreesboro, TN years ago. So, it was really exciting for me to read that interview. It gave me a kind of 'small world' feeling.

Matt: The first Phile interview I ever read was with keyboardist Mike Finnigan. I am a fan of his playing, with Jimi, Etta James, Joe Cocker, & Taj Mahal's Phantom Blues Band. One day I Googled his name and one of the results was your amazing in-depth interview. I could tell that you knew your music, Jason. When I put two and two together and found out whose son you were, I could see why you were so musically knowledgeable. I have checked in on the Phile ever since. Another great interview was one I suggested, my Austin surrealist artist friend Dax Norman. I was really impressed with both your insightful questions & his in-depth answers. And the fact that I connected two friends with that particular interview.

Me: Yeah, Dax started the Peverett Phile Art Gallery pheature. A pheature that Alexis was part of. Are their any people you wish I could interview, kids?

Jeff C: I'd like to see you interview one of the surviving Kinks, or Pink Floyd or Animals, someone from the sixties British invasion, or a classic American artist or Canadian, Robbie Robertson, or Levon Helm, Bob Dylan or even some of the brill building songwriters on contract, or some classic record producers who don't get much press anymore... Chin and Chapman, RT Baker, Bob Ezrin, Richie Podolor, Glyn Johns or his brother, get into classic era recording techniques, maybe some Foghat members, or one of the Byrds , great people who don't get much press nowadays.

Me: I did have Bryan Bassett from Foghat on the Phile. Hook me up with an interview with Richie Podolor, Jeff. By the way, I have to mention you and Matt both mentioned Mike Finnigan. It was Jeff who hooked the Finnigan interview up, Matt. Kinda crazy the fate that the Phile has.

Jeff T: I would love to see you interview a wrestler. Maybe CM Punk? HAHAHAHA.

Alexis: Alice Cooper.

Me: Anybody else? Matt, I know there's a list of people who'd like to see on the Phile.

Matt: Rosanne Cash, The Fab Faux, Jimmy Vivino, Rich Pagano, Chris Youlden, Tone Stevens, Will Lee, Mike Viola, Matt Smith, David Tennant, The Proclaimers, The Mighty Boosh, Wreckless Eric, Ian McLagan, Captain Sensible, Geraint Watkins, John Barrowman, Shakey Vick, Ben Elton, Reggie Watt, Barry Humphries, Kelly Willis, Paul Kelly, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Malford Milligan, Mike Flanigan, Denny Freeman, Barry "Frosty" Smith... the list grows...

Me: Some of those people you just mentioned are in the works, my friend. In fact, one of them will be a guest on the Phile in a few weeks. Okay, moving on, I wanted to set the Phile up like a chat show, hence the monologue, which I admit is not always original like Jeff T. mentioned. Do you like the monologues? I had a few e-mails and spoke to people who said I should talk more about my life and personal stories. What do you think? I don't wanna talk about my day at work? Disney might not like that.

Jeff C: I love some of the monologues, topical stories on politics with a humourous twist or topical music stories.

Jeff T: More personal stories can be okay, as long as they are on par. Disney probably wouldn't like you tell dumb guests stories but I am sure you would get a lot more readers that way!

Alexis: I think the monologues work well. I do think it would be interesting to hear about your personal life, but it is your personal life. If you don't want to talk about it, then you shouldn't. Besides, maybe what makes the Phile so special is that you keep your personal life out of it... you focus on your stories, not your own life. However, I have a feeling you could tell some pretty great stories about your day at work!

Matt: I do notice that the monologue has some recycled jokes from late night telly. That's okay I suppose, though I am sure that if you talked about more personal stuff, that your own jokes and sense of humor would be just fine. Certainly don't talk shop: Mortimer Maus has big ears and you want to keep job security. But more stories about yourself, perhaps emphasizing some dad and lad tales, both as a parent (you and your son, Logan) and remembrances of being the son of the late great Lonesome Dad Peverett. I'm sure, as Jimmy Durante used to say, you've got a million of 'em! Also, the monologue is in one big slab of a paragraph, when actually it's comprised of many one-liners. If you keep these jokes going, fair enough, but break them up so that they stand apart. Easier on the eyes to read & to mentally digest that way. One tends to gloss over some stuff when it goes on too long in a giant paragraph. I notice you bold the first word of a new line. Lose the bold and just hit the space bar. But I can tell from your jokes that you are a fan of good comic TV hosts, and have a sense of humor about the absurdity of our world. It's nice that you aren't too serious at the beginning of the Phile. Silly is cool.

Me: I am trying to be more original with the monologue, but I just feel insecure I guess. One of my most popular pheatures is Someone Phamous Has Died. But... on the other hand someone once said would you like it if someone made a joke about your dad passing when he did? Depends on the joke I guess. What do you guys think, do I cross the line?

Jeff C: Jokes on people who have just died can be funny, if someone was hated or 97 and had lived a full life it's okay. If someone beloved just died tragically, as you say depends on the joke.

Jeff T: I think it's easy for me to say that you haven't crossed the line for a few reasons. I know how your mind works and you have been very tame when it comes to the dead celebrities section. Is it tasteless? Perhaps. But that's not always a bad thing if you ask me.

Alexis: I think it's worse to joke about somebody who is living, who can read what you said, than it is to joke about somebody who has died. You aren't hurting their feelings. I don't think you cross the line at all.

Me: Matt? What do you say?

Matt: No, I don't think you've crossed the line very often. Most of the Good Guys who have passed on you have been quite kind to and respectful of. The Bad Guys probably deserve any slight the Phile might dish or diss out. Nobody could or should ever say anything negative or disrespectful about your father though. He was the best.

Me: Have I crossed the line with anything? I only had to apologize a few times over the years. I think most recent was the Anne Frank/Doritos joke with the poster.

Jeff C: You need to apologize for not giving me more saturation coverage with my new album releases, and my kitty.

Me: Really? I'll fix that now. Buy this CD, people!

Alexis: I think if you worried about crossing the line, The Peverett Phile would be a little too vanilla for me.

Matt: The Anne Frank thing was kind of iffy. I am not Jewish (although apparently I look Jewish). Once in 1983 when I went to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, people kept asking me what temple I was from. But I have visited Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam several times (as well as Dachau in Germany) and I was quite moved, almost to tears. So the Doritos joke was kind of insensitive, but hey, I also saw the black humor in it. And you did apologize later in case anyone was offended, so...
Me: Speaking of crossing the line and offending people, a few people do not like my Pat Riot character, but a lot of people do. I want to thank Jeff Cameron for being the Pat Riot writer. I cannot come up with that stuff. What do you guys think of the Pat character, and do you want to see more characters on the Phile? Jeff, explain the Pat Riot character.

Jeff C: Who is Pat Riot? He is an imaginary concoction of one of those know it all people, we all know, who gets all the facts wrong, real obvious things, who won World War Two, who came first Elvis or Michael Jackson. 

Jeff T: Honestly? Not a fan of characters through writing. If it was a live studio setting for the Phile then yes, but reading "characters" doesn't always play out. Just my opinion.

Alexis: Don't worry about people who don't like the Pat Riot character. He's hilarious. And YES, I would love to see more characters on the Phile!

Matt: Pat Riot isn't my favorite part of the Phile. I understand that Jeff is lampooning red-necks and teabaggers. But he doesn't make me chuckle when I read his entry. In other words, not a laugh riot in my opinion. Besides, it's not in good taste to make fun of the mentally-challenged.

Me: Well, kids, love him or hate him, here is...

Me: Pat, you are known to get your facts wrong, as Jeff just said. I think you could explain anything, though. For example, how did the sandwich get invented, Pat? 

Pat Riot: The sandwich was invented by a small half Chinese man with a hair lip and hard steel teeth installed by a soviet dentist. His name was Wolfgang Wing, and he had originally been a dancer until he became a gimp during the war, finding himself starving, while his wife was on vacation in Gstaad. He found himself with one sliced loaf of pumpernickel and some celery and chinese smoked duck, which he coarsley chopped and blended with some raisons and a light lemon mayonaisse, he then on impulse put the mixture between two slices of pumpernickel and voila! The sandwich was born, Seeing this, Ray Kroc the Mcdonald's founder, just happened to be passing by as the man ate his sandwich, a lightbulb went off in Mr. Krocs, head and McDonald's became the first American Sandwich shortly thereafter in 1909.

Me: Very good. Okay, what do you say to the readers of the Phile who don't like you?

Pat Riot: What the hell do you mean feedback, if these jokers wanna quack and complain tell 'em to put their dukes up rotten backstabbers. Why I fed those kids out of my own pocket for years, while their mammy was out galooting like a whoore with her girlfriend Sami and those GI's down at the base, did I complain? Hell no, and then the dirty Jew talk, and the missing silverware, did I say a word? Hardly. But now I offer a free historical tutorial, and they wanna smear me with a fork in the butt... Well, let me at 'em, you hear me! I got steam comin' out of my ears. I fed those no good buck toothed kids outta my own pocket for nine years while their mammy laid flat on her back at the Rogers motel behind the hobby store. Hell, they knew her so well, they stenciled her name in the guest room box behind the counter for messages. Who do you think taught little Timmy to throw a curveball? Hell, I bought little Betty a new set of Barbie and Ken dolls for four years running while wino drunken Bob blew his paychecks at the Raincheck Room over on Fourth with those office pool bimbos. Did I complain, not once, and now you tell me they wanna smear me. Rotten ingrate sonsofbitches!

Me: The very pissed off Pat Riot, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, I thought of two more characters... I don't know if I should mention them here... they won't be a surprise if I do. Should I say what they are?

Jeff C: Who are they?

Alexis: Nope. Surprise us, please!

Matt: Surprise us. Hopefully they'll be more amusing than Pat's character.

Me: I had a few real guests, not just the main guests I pheature, such as Jeff Trelewicz who started off doing the Ask Jeff bit, as I think you are a good writer, Jeff, and I wanted to pheature you, and the really popular Phootball Talk With Jeff, which we will in a minute. This past year I started to have a few politicians (both Democratic and Republican) on the Phile. It's funny, some people think I lean to the left, others to the right. I am kinda in the middle. What do you guys think of the politicians I have? Should I continue to have them on. Also, Jeff, you do wanna still continue being on the Phile, right? Just kidding.

Jeff T: I will be a part of the Phile as long as you want me to. You do a good job of giving equal time to both political parties.

Jeff C: Nobody's funnier than a politician.

Alexis: Well, I hate politics; but I respect politicians and I like to read their interviews. I definitely think you should continue to interview them.

Matt: I like the cluelessness of the GOP folks you interview. You claim you're not political, Jason, but I suspect that you are more than you think you are. You have a brain and a heart, and your eyes are wide open. The questions you ask in your political Phile segments show proof that you a nice human and living in the real world, unlike some of the disconnected, out-of-touch politicians you allow access to your blog. Their answers are often hateful, misguided, uninformed and absurd. I actually think you should try to be more political, Jason. Just because you are British and don't vote in U.S. elections doesn't mean you can't voice the truth. The truth, unlike an electric guitar, needs no amplifier. Blog on, "Friend Jay".

Me: Okay, fair enough. Alright, Jeff, it's playoff time. Let's do this real quick. 

Me: Alright, so with the playoffs I think we should both pick four teams, and as it's playoffs, we should be able to pick our teams. I am not betting against the Giants now, and you shouldn't against the Steelers. First though, what's this week's big news?

Jeff T: Welcome to the playoffs, Phile. The big news of the week is the coaching carosel and who has been fired, but more importantly the two that were saved! The Colts head coach as well as Andy Reid of Philadelphia have both been spared for another season. The other news is the collapse of the Cowboys and the Jets. Every year Rex Ryan predicts the Jets will win the Super Bowl though it's very hard to do that when your team doesn't make the playoffs!

Me: Okay, how did we do last week?

Jeff T: Both Steelers and Giants won last week, and after week 17 I went 3-1-1 in my picks and you went 4-1 so you gained a point. I am now up by only four as we hit the playoffs. I have an idea to make the Super Bowl more interesting ;)

Me: Okay, let's get to our picks. I say Houston over Cinncinati by 10, your Steelers over Tebow by 15. Tebow's team cannot score points offense. My Giants over the Falcons by 3. It'll be a close game, Jeff. The Saints over the Lions by a touchdown. Also I predict Stafford will get hurt by the second quarter or Sue gets rejected. What do you pick?

Jeff T: I say Cincinnati wins over Houston by 3. New Orleans over Detriot by 11 points. I say Giants beat Atlanta by a point and Pittsburgh over Denver by 7. See you in the 2nd round!

Me: I have to show this. Did you see what they did to the Empire State Building in honor of the Giants? This is so cool. 

Me: Alright, let's finish this panel interview. As I said, I don't like the whole Ph thing... like Phail, Phootball, pheature, phamous and others like that. Can you think of another pheature... AGHHH... that starts with ph?

Jeff C: Phlegm, phlavorful, and delicious.

Alexis: Pheast!

Matt: Let's be Phrank: Phriends, Phans, Phiction & Phantasy.

Me: I used phriends and phans before, but the others are all good. Okay, kids, let's focus on the negatives. What was the worst interview or guest I ever had here?

Jeff C: Oh God, who can say, I think the girl who stood in front of the cactus while she hawked her horrible songs, and talked about herself, while that man, fanned her from behind with bamboo prongs attached to little silk umbrellas.

Jeff T: I don't think you have had any guests at all. Everyone has something to plug and you are a great outlet. Get it! Okay. Bad joke.

Alexis: Hahaha... I believe this is better left unsaid!

Me: Come on, Alexis! What was your worst interview you read that I did? Some of my early ones were real bad. I used to ask really lame questions... well, lamer than now.

Alexis: Ah, it wasn't actually a bad interview on your part. It was the interviewee, and I can't bring myself to name names!

Me: Okay, then. Matt? 

Matt: I can't think of a worst. Unless I've missed one, and you've interviewed a sausage maker, that would be the wurst, ha ha. All you interviews have been good, some better than others. I prefer musicians because, like you, music is my passion. Perhaps you could interview chronic live music addicts like me (a London friend of mine calls me a "gighound"... fair enough). I will always remember the joy of seeing your dad with Savoy Brown in 1970 at the Fillmore West, touring the "Looking In" LP. I never saw Foghat, but the band I saw was basically them before they morphed into the Hat. Your dad was so fuckin' cool, wearing his sequined gold jacket & sparkling shiny high-topped plimsouls, belting "Louisiana Blues" and "Leavin' Again" and all those great tunes in that distinctive voice of his. They don't make rock stars like Dave Peverett anymore. What a treat to have seen him in action. How proud you must be to be his son.

Me: Thanks, Matt. Alright, if you could change anything on the Phile, what would it be?

Jeff C: Your boyish sense of innocence, Jason, wipe that smile off yer face right now.

Alexis: I would add a "search" bar, so that interviews with specific guests and such could be easily located (for instance, I could search for "Pat Riot" so that I could read all of those posts).

Me: Cool idea. 

Matt: The "spread the word not the turd" at the Phile's end is scatological & silly. But if you think it's funny, don't be deterred (pun intended, ha ha) by my opinion.

Me: I will never change that. I came up with that when I was a kid. Well, I ran out of questions believe it or not. I thought I would have a shit load. Oh, yeah, do you think I swear or have too many bad words on the Phile?

Jeff C: What the hell are you talking about?

Alexis: I wrote a really awesome (I think) poem about bad words. It's called "Foul Word Style". Remind me, and I'll send it to you. Anyway, my answer is NO, you do not have too many bad words on the Phile (but then, many of my songs can't be played on radio)!

Me: Alexis, why don't you tell the poem here? Please! Please!

Alexis: OK... I warned you! It is one of my 'dirty works', not as pretty as my other writings. But here it is:
Foul Word Style
I like goth kids, metal heads,
And sometimes… I like punk kids.
Their styles never change — it’s always black,
Always studs, always lace and fishnet,
And always — always — I-don’t-give-a-fuck.
When will foul words go out of style?
I remember when “crap” was as bad as “shit”
And then it softened and became average.

Me: That wasn't too bad, Alexis. Matt, do I swear here to much?

Matt: Fuck no! Some people think that swearing sounds like shit, but I don't give a damn. Swear on, McDuff! Or clean it up if you want to. No big effen deal either way. 

Me: Okay, kids, let's have your phinal thoughts. Phinal! A Ph word. Go ahead and sum up the Phile. If someone asked you to explain what it was what would you say?

Jeff C: Phinally a good interview, phinally some appetizers do you have any idea how Goddammed long we have been waiting here?

Alexis: It is an amazing underground interviewing and entertainment system that has been going strong for 6 years, the brainchild and work of one awesome person.

Matt: You are a bloggin' son of a Foghat, JP, one incredible culture vulture! Your blog helps us all keep abreast of the cool scene all around us. The Peverett Phile keeps us hip, daddio. And as the Residents once said: "Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool."

Me: Thanks again, the four of you, you have all been big supporters of the Phile in some kinda way. Jeff Cameron and Alexis, is there anything you wanna plug while you here?

Jeff C: I'd like to plug Alexis... no uh, I'd like to plug my new album coming soon, which I think is called, "Jeff Cameron Poets, Grifters & Temptation, Songs From Laurel Canyon... wait did you get that, it's called Jeff Cameron -Poets, Grifters & Temptation, Songs From Laurel Canyon". That's eleven brand new songs from yours truly Jeff Cameron, with a new album to follow last years comeback album "Bargofaxis". 

Alexis: this is a link to the place where I keep all of my poetry, including some dirty works (and "Foul Word Style"). Besides that link of reference, this interview is all about the Phile! :-)

Matt: You're quite welcome. It is always fun to check in & read about the latest wave the Phile is hanging fire on. Keep on rockin; & Philing in the free world, Jason.

Me: I can't thank you guys enough, and I hope to continue doing this stupid little thing for at least the next few years. All the best.

Alexis: I hope you do, too! This was fun. Congrats, and all the best right back at ya!

Jeff C: It's been a great pleasure Jason, thank you, would you mind wiping your muddy boots on the outside stoop please. Also it is not uncommon for guests to arrive bearing gifts, little candies, finger sandwiches, airline tickets, the new Pink Floyd immersion set, a large pizza, (hold the anchovies on 1/2 please) thats a nice raincoat, very Humphrey Bogart with the button
down front, very sea captain, with my God this is a real peacoat, Jesus Christ this is nice, may I try it on. Oh its lovely, Jesus, fits great, hey may I borrow this? Listen, there's some pizza in the fridge, where's your keys, hey walk the dog about midnight, would ya? Hey thanks, Jason, listen if I'm not home by morning I'll call, where's your car keys, oh here they are great! Don't
tell me I need to buy some gas, Jesus Christ. Did you know if you say Jesus Christ in the South, they can arrest you and burn you at the stake for saying the Lord's name in vain, I didn't know this but it's true. Apparently they have an office in Mobile and they have God's number and he told them so. Oh Jesus, thanks for the coat and the car, don't forget to walk the dog... oh man you're a lifesaver. Bye!

Me: What in hell is he talking about? Jeff T., you've been quiet.

Jeff T: See ya next Sunday, and thanks.

Me: Matt, you get the last word.

Matt: Be excellent to each other. And, party on dude.

Well, that about does it for this very special entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Jeff Cameron, Jeff Trelewicz, Alexis White and Matt Giarrizzo. The Phile will be back next Wednesday with Mikey Livid from the rap band Scars and Stripes and then on Sunday it's artist and musician Christine Leakey, and then on Monday it's Johny Brown from the English band The Band of Holy Joy. So, thanks again, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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