Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pheaturing Alumni Charlotte Sometimes

Hello, and welcome to the Phile. How are you all today on a Saturday? Tomorrow I am gonna be at the Orlando Calling music festival. I wonder if they'll have any side shows, circus acts, freak shows, save the planet booths, hooka smoking, Peta, etc... That's Lollapalooza in a nut shell. It'll be fun seeing all the bands, but I pray they have a lot of porta-potties. It might be a test to see if this old forty-two year old could withstand a all day music festival, that's outside. Okay, what else is going on? I'm worried about Rick Perry. For one, I'm worried that maybe he's too conservative. Two, I worry a little bit about his debating skills. And three, I... Oh, what was three? He had a lapse in memory. He remembered Kris and he remembered Khloe but forgot Kourtney. The governor explained that it was not him, it was part of the test of the emergency alert system. When you have a little trouble recalling, they call that a senior moment. More like Bush, junior moment. Personally, I hope he doesn't get out of the campaign. I need Rick Perry. I don't want to spend the next year trying to do jokes about Mitt Romney. I salute Rick Perry for the way he's trying to overcome this. Today he came out and said he's not one of those slick politicians, that this just shows his human side, and some third excuse he can't remember. It's not a good week for Republican memories. Rick Perry forgot the name of the agency he wanted to cut. Herman Cain forgot there was a harassment settlement. And Ron Paul forgot he has no chance of winning. 
If there's one thing I know about Rick Perry, it's that he doesn't go down without a fight and he's already turning the negative into a... I wouldn't say a positive, but a double negative. Most analysts agree the big debate winner Wednesday night was Mitt Romney, who stuck closely to his strategy of not being any of the other candidates. Michele Bachmann says she won't rest until Obamacare is repealed. Or until she kidnaps all 101 Dalmatians. The Duggar family from the show “19 Kids and Counting” said they’re having a 20th child because they quote “didn’t want to stop on an odd number.” Yeah, because when I hear someone has 20 kids, my first thought is, “Not odd at all!” Next week is International Fraud Awareness Week! I fooled you, it's actually this week. On the Phile it'll be International Phraud Awareness Week. So, yesterday a woman from Upstate New York got angry that her daughter was eliminated from a 4-H competition, whatever that is. She protested and said the F-word. I'm thinking a New Yorker, using the F-word? Somebody call Ripley!! So, did you see the new Rick Perry ad? Here it is. 

So, my wife and I had a debate the other day. She's feeling a little better by the way. I said dragons were real, and she said they weren't. Well, here's proof I am right and she's wrong.

Are you guys gamers? I am not, but my son is I guess. Anyway, everyone keeps telling me that the new "Batman Arkham City" game is amazing. Too me, I am not that much impressed. I don't like the way Batman looks.

See what I mean? Okay, so, a few weeks ago we went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum and I had this great idea. So, here, once again, it's...

As you can see from the package, these are supposed to be lighthouses but may in fact be the most unfortunately shaped product of all time.

Well, a few days ago President passed a bill which apparently is very important piece of his job plan. I don't know what that means so I thought I would invite an expert to explain it. So, once again, please welcome to the Phile Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee... Director Patrick Gaspard in a pheature I call...

Me: Director, sir, what is this bill that was passed?

Patrick: Two provisions to help get veterans back to work. They're called the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, and they help provide jobs to veterans by giving tax credits to businesses that hire disabled or unemployed vets.

Me: Are their a lot of veteran's unemployed? 

Patrick: With 850,000 veterans currently unemployed.

Me: And I guess the troops overseas as well, right?  

Patrick: Correct, there's more than a million returning from Iraq and Afghanistan over the next 5 years as we continue to bring troops home, making sure they can find work has got to be a priority. The President made it one.

Me: And the plan that passed two days ago, right before Veteran's Day, is an important first step. How did this happen, Director?

Patrick: It wouldn't have happened without supporters like you talking with neighbors, calling and tweeting your representatives, and doing everything you can to keep the pressure on Congress to pass the President's jobs plan. You spoke out loud and clear, and finally, the Senate listened.

Me: So, is the fight for jobs almost over?

Patrick: The fight for jobs is far from over. So far, Congress has refused to pass similar provisions for teachers, cops, and firefighters... with every Senate Republican standing in the way. The passage of this veterans bill is just one of the many examples of what can happen when a group of people come together and fight for what they know is the right thing to do.

Me: Thank you, Director, and thank the President. I am sure the veteran's will be happy. 

Patrick: Thank you for keeping the pressure on. We'll be in touch soon with more ways to help keep Congress focused on doing its job.

Me: Thanks again, Patrick, and I didn't really do anything. Well, it's Saturday, so please welcome to the Phile my good friend Jeff Trelewicz for a pheature I like to call...

Me: Hello, Jeff, welcome back to the Phile on a Saturday. Tomorrow I am going to Orlando Calling. Are you going?

Jeff: Unfortunately, Phile Phans I wasn't able to secure my tickets to Orlando Calling. I hope you had a good time at it and hope to hear all the wonderful stories.

Me: Alright, it's been awhile, Jeff. What is the big news in football these past two weeks?

Jeff: The biggest news in NFL is that the Miami Dolphins finally won a game! Can you believe it! That leaves just the Colts as the only winless teams putting them in the lead for QB Andrew Luck. But the bigger question will be will they take him. What does that mean for Colts QB Peyton Manning who is injured?

Me: My wife is now a Broncos fan by the way, thanks to Tebow who is "freaking hot". Her quote not mine. How do you think he's doing this year?

Jeff: Many women find Tebow hot. He isn't a great prospect at the NFL level despite being a God (which is funny for anyone who knows Tebow) in the college level. He needs to control his throws better and not worry about running the ball himself.

Me: Okay, let's go over the picks from two weeks ago. How did we do?

Jeff: Quite honestly having taking two weeks off in the last 4 weeks I have lost count of how we are scoring do you remember? Cause if not I think I should be leading but the numbers don't say so!

Me: Well, no... LOL. I was winning by two. I do know the Giants won beating the Patriots. Did the Steelers win?

Jeff: Sadly no. ; (

Me: Then without our picks I am winning by three. Okay, now for the new picks this week. I'll go with Dallas over Buffalo by six and I hate to say this, but the Dolphins over Washington by a touchdown. I can't believe they won last week. Who do you pick, Jeff?

Jeff: I am going to pick the Ravens by 3 over Seattle and Green bay by 10 over Minnesota. See you next week!

Me: Alright, my friend, I will see you next Sunday, back here on the Phile.

Okay, today's guest was last on the Phile on January 13th, 2009 plugging her her debut album "Waves and the Both of Us". Man, that was when I first started doing interviews. The Phile didn't even have a logo back then. Anyway, since then she has released two fantastic EP's, "Sidways" and the brand new one "The Wait". She has one of the best singing voices I have ever heard. Please welcome to the Phile, one of my favorite female singers ever, the wonderful... Charlotte Sometimes.

Me: Hello, Charlotte, welcome back to the Phile. How have you been?

Charlotte: I have been great!

I am so glad you are back. I wanted to interview you when your second release, the EP "Sideways" came out, but totally forgot to invite you until I saw you had a second EP "The Wait". What made you decided to release two CD's instead of a new full length album?

Charlotte: I was in two different places with both of these EPs... so it wouldn't feel right to release a full length with all these mixed emotions.

Me: Your album "Waves and the Both Of Us" is great by the way, as I told you before. Speaking of before when you were here, I have to apologize, that interview was lame. Not your answers but my questions, Charlotte. This interview will be better, I promise. Who is in your band, Charlotte? Do you still have the same band as your first album?

Charlotte: Ha shush! I do not have the same band. My band members are Ryan Vaughn, Patrick Firth and Michael Reid.

Me: You're from New York, right, or New Jersey? Do you still live there? 

Charlotte: I am originally from NJ and I live in NYC now.

Me: I am sure you tour a lot... have you been to Orlando yet? 

Charlotte: I have been to Orlando once.

Me: I asked you the last time you were here if Charlotte Sometimes was your real name or stage name, and you said stage name. Where did you get the stage name from? I am guessing you are a Cure fan, as they have a song called "Charlotte Sometimes", am I right?

I am a Cure fan, but I actually got the name from the book, "Charlotte Sometimes". It's also my middle name

Me: So, you mentioned last time you had two tattoo's... one says 'Charlotte' and the other says 'Brand New Colony'. Have you gotten any other tattoo's? And is Brand New Colony a band?

Charlotte: "Brand New Colony" is a song by The Postal Service about idealistic love. It's a reminder not to settle for a loser. I have an airplane as well.

Me: I read that a few years ago you were diagnosed with something called idiopathic condylar resorption, Charlotte. Can you explain what that is. Is there a website or charity to raise money to find a cure for it?

Charlotte: It's a disease that causes the bones in your jaw to disintegrate. It happened to me at age 14 and I had surgery when I was 16. There isn't an official charity for the disease yet... will keep you posted.

Me: How did you get diagnosed, and how did it effect you playing live, or even sining art all?

Charlotte: I went to the orthodontist, because I noticed my face and teeth were changing... and he sent me to an oral surgeon that diagnosed me. It was a challenge to use my voice because my face hurt, but nothing stops me from singing!

Me: Let's talk about your new EP again. How did you come up with the name "The Wait" for it? Your last EP came out last year so your fans didn't have to wait long.

Charlotte: It just always feels like you're waiting for something... good, bad, indifferent... it made sense for me

Me: I love the EP which I downloaded from iTunes and the song "Stay In My Heart" which has a really good video. Who directed it and where was it filmed? 

Charlotte: Thank you!! It was directed by Carl Timpone and it was filmed in Long Island. 

Me: Do you enjoy acting and making videos? 

Charlotte: I do! I love it! I find it so interesting and it gets me out of my comfort zone.

Me: The whole cast but you ended up in the lake, Charlotte. Did you just want to jump is as well, or was it too cold? 

Charlotte: I ended up in there as well at some point, just not on film. It wasn't cold, because it was a nice summer day! But there were sooo many deer ticks!

Me: Charlotte, thanks for being back on the Phile, and I hope it was fun. Is there a website you'd like to mention, Facebook, Twitter? You mentioned you had a blog before, is it still up? 

Charlotte: Thank you for having me! Here are all my links:, and

Me: Thanks again, and please come back when your next release comes out, Charlotte. All the best, and you have one of the most amazing voices out there today.

Charlotte: Thank you so much!

Wait, that's not fair, two pictures of Charlotte laying down. Hang on.

There you go. 

Okay, that's this entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Director Patrick Gaspard and Jeff Trelewicz and of course the amazing Charlotte Sometimes. Well, like I said, I will be acting like a teenager at the Orlando Calling show. Check out for all the information. The Phile will be back on Monday with musician Scott H. Biram. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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