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Pheaturing Savannah Boan

This is... The Peverett Phile. Hello, and welcome kids. How are you? I am as tired as hell in case you are wondering. So, President Obama’s campaign just launched a new program geared toward seniors called “Operation Vote.” Great, just what old people need — another operation. Mitt Romney came to New York to meet with Donald Trump. First thing, Trump asked to see Romney’s birth certificate, and then they got down to business. Rick Perry did so badly at the last debate, that President Obama turned to Michelle and said, “Honey, you can stop packing.” Perry said he didn’t do well because he was exhausted. Sure, he’s exhausted from executing all those people. Arnold Schwarzenegger has commissioned a sculptor to create seven larger-than-life statues of himself in a Speedo. So I guess he’s taking the divorce well. They’re eight feet tall and made of bronze and horse steroids. Has anyone considered the possibility that these statues will come to life and take over the world? How could they not? The 'Wall Street Journal' is reporting that 20,000 heat-seeking missiles have gone missing in Libya. Although if you’re going to lose them, that’s probably the safest place to do it. The other day Google celebrated its 13th anniversary. Not to be outdone, Bing celebrated its 13th user. That’s right, Google turned 13 years old. Which explains why today when I searched for something, Google was just like, “I don’t know. Stop asking me questions! I’m going upstairs.” By the way, if it wasn't for Google you wouldn't be reading this blog. Andy Rooney is leaving “60 Minutes” after all these years. Remember the time those American hikers got lost in his eyebrows? Gov. Chris Christie keeps saying he’s not running for president. On the other hand, he would consider running for Santa. If he does run and he is elected, say good bye to the White House garden and say hello to the White House Olive Garden. Perfect fit: Oval Office, oval president. Well, it was twenty years ago today... well, twenty plus a few days that Nirvana's album "Nevermind" came out. I was thinking, if in the "Rape Me"... if he wants if he wants someone to rape him then is it really considered rape? Well, for the 20th anniversary they re-released "Nevermind" and this inspirational poster.

Yesterday it was Walt Disney World's 40th anniversary. Yes, Walt Disney World is officially over the hill. Anyway, I was surprised when they released this inspirational poster.

By the way, Disney is the greatest company to work for ever!

Speaking of fail... or phail... last week I posted a black and white picture of Anne Frank that had to do with the passing of the inventor of Doritos. Well, even though I thought it was funny at first, and a very small percentage of you, a huge percentage was offended. I admit sometimes I cross the line, but I like to apology if I offended you. The Anne Frank thing wasn't funny, and I should of known better. So, once again, I am sorry. Okay, with that said, let's continue. There's a lot of blogs out there on blogspot, and other blogger sites. Sure they haven't been posting pretty much every week for over five years or had over 400 entries, but there's some good ones. So, once again, I like to mention another blog for the...

And it goes to Here is a segment and a pic from this great blog. LOL. 

New love!
Hello all..

Its so late now and im here watching Soccer - Man Utd VS Stoke. There are 8 ppl watching together with me.. Baby's friends are here to play some poker games and watching soccer together. I am not really a soccer fan but i do enjoy watching some exciting match, especially with baby.. The current score now is 1-1 as of 57th min and i am actually happy as Man Utd fans out there are getting too arrogant.. -.-
My bb's fav team - Arsenal is really not on form this season and losing many matches, even against those not so good teams. But i don understand why Man Utd fans had to put other teams down. Its alright to praise ur fav team as they deserve it if they played well, not to the extent of criticizing others. BLEH! Hope they LOSE now!! (ACTUALLY no la!! cause bb bought Man Utd win.. SO, WIN = $$$$).. Ok, so pls WIN!! and cover my cost for Muffin!!

Muffin! Is our new love!!
I nv thought i would own a puppy but i did!
Its my first pet of my own! Dad used to have fishes when i was younger and bro had brought back a few hamsters yrs back.

I fell in love with toy poodle the moment i sees it.. Its like a living teddy bear!
We had went to many places to view dogs and had only finally decided on Muffin after rounds and rounds of viewing..

Before i got muffin, i already told bb i wanna name my toy poodle muffin and i like those light brown color-ed ones and not those red ones..

We went pasir ris farm today and spent almost 5 hours there.
And finally, we decided on this!

New love!
Hello all..

There you go. So, go visit that wonderful blog, everybody. Well, it's Sunday, and like every Sunday through football season I have my good friend Jeff here on the Phile and we talk football. So, here again, it's...

Me: Hi there, Jeff. Welcome back to the Phile. I have to tell you people love it when we talk football. Reviews are good, my friend. So, what's the bog football news of the week?

Jeff: Always good to be back on The Phile. Glad to hear the review of Football talk is going well. The big news of the week is the injuries to Michael Vick and Tony Romo. Vick not only had a concussion 2 weeks ago, but he also injured his non throwing hand. But he said there is no way he won't be out on the field this week so we will see. Romo also had a concussion plus an injured spleen. Yes, you read that right.

Me: How did he injure his spleen? Isn't Romo the one going out with Jessica Simpson?

Jeff: They dated a few years back but they aren't together anymore. He basically took a helmet to the side of his chest. 
Me: Okay, let's get down to business. The record for us we are a tie, right? How did we do this past week for week four?

Jeff: We both had off weeks once again last week. I went 0-1-1 while you went 0-2. The good news is the Giants and the Steelers both won this week. So after 3 weeks I am 2-3-1 and you are 2-4. But we both have six points thanks to wins 2 weeks in a row for our teams. 

Me: I am glad you are the one working this out, Jeff. Let's get into our picks. I say Saints by 6 against Jacksonville and as long as Michael Vick is healthy, Philly over San Francisco. What are your picks, Jeff?
Jeff: I will take Jets over Baltimore by four points and Green Bay over Denver by a field goal.

Me: Okay, great. I will see you back here next Sunday and we'll see how well we did. Thanks again, Jeff.  

Okay, today's guest is something a little different for the Phile. She was a radio talk show host, has been in several films where she played herself, has two CD’s of original music and comedy songs, writes an article for a local paper, wrestled alligators and has performed at sold out Hard Rock Live and House of Blues shows alike. She has also performed stand-up comedy. Now she is involved with a great organization called Grind For Life. Please welcome to the Phile... Sexy Savannah Boan.

Me: Howdy, Savannah, welcome to the Phile. So, do you still go by the Sexy Savannah or just Savannah now?
Savannah: Just Savannah, that's all and that's enough!!!! No one wants to go around introducing themselves as Sexy, it just sounds weird, and actually the name itself was a joke in the beginning because, I'm really not sexy even though I used to think I was, maybe more cute or something like that, I'm not sure?
Me: Where did that nickname originate from anyway?

Savannah: When I first moved to Florida as I was driving down 95 South, I kept seeing signs that read "Come See Savannah", "Enjoy Beautiful Savannah", etc... etc... so I thought, okay, maybe I will start this new life and be, Savannah and then people will enjoy me... kinda like that, there are a few sordid details I leave out ya know...

Me: You have lived in Central Florida for awhile, and we met a few times while you were here. Where are you originally from?

Savannah: I was born in South Carolina, but I consider Florida my home. Whenever I
think am homesick it is Florida that I miss... don't get me wrong, I miss my family in south Carolina, but Florida is the most special place in the world as far as I am concerned and I would be back there in a minute were it not for my sons living and thriving out here in California.
Me: What originally bought you to Orlando, Savannah?

Savannah: I actually moved to Orlando because I had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and I wanted a job on the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge at an airport as an air traffic controller, that's what I did in the Corps and I thought it would be cool to play with alligators and animals all day at the refuge, and then work there as well. At the time I wanted to be some kind of crazy beach wilderness knife carrying hippie lady, haha, but I kinda fell into radio first. Part of the reason I moved to Orlando was because I wanted to be Cinderella at Disney. I really really wanted to be a Disney princess!
Me: Where do you live now?

Savannah: I live dowtown Huntington Beach, California right now. It's really pretty and a little bit like Cocoa Beach community wise. I like it here alot but it's definitely not Florida.

Me: I first heard of you when you were on radio on the Monsters radio show. For those that don't know what that is, wanna explain?

Savannah: You can explain it if you'd like, simply put it was a great and fun radio show, some of the best experiences and my life were had while being a part of it, but just like everything, things change, people change, grow or grow up and move on to have different adventures! I am ever grateful for my time there and I wouldn't change a thing, well, maybe a couple things but that's neither here nor there. I got to spend some time with those guys when I moved back to
Florida briefly about a year or two ago, they are all still so funny, especially Bubba... he's always in my heart, we partied hard together, and we both got clean and sober together, I love him so much.

Me: I have to tell you something, Savannah, I read Russ' book "Monster Trash" and there's a story in it that haunts me. From our house I could see the Citrus Tower in Clermont, Florida, and Russ tells a story about it. Wanna tell the readers what I'm talking about?

Savannah: I never read that book and I'm not sure what the story is but whatever it is
it's ancient history and I'm not likely to rehash it. Everybody has a story, some good, some bad, some true, some not, and while I am an avid reader, this book you speak of hasn't fallen onto my reading list yet, maybe one day.

Me: Okay, enough about Russ and the Monsters. Let's talk about you. You were in films, were on the radio and did stand up... what one did you like to do best, Savannah?

Savannah: I loved doing stand-up but it was always so nerve racking, immediate results, they either like you or don't and you know it, quick.... The last stand-up I did I got to open up for Ralphie Mae while I was working for O-Rock 105.9 Ralpie Mae was amazing, he talked to the audience like they were all his best friends, stand-up is an amazing art form. I really like working with animals, reptiles, especially the meaner ones. They are all so unpredictable but over time you learn signs to look for that puts you in a safer realm but even then you never know. I've been bitten by well over a hundred snakes and working with reptiles is hard work but again, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I got to play with a couple alligators the other day and I was so hypnotized by them that I almost took a bite just because I wanted to feel the
power of it, in the end I didn't, but you never know what happens next!

Me: Did you do stand up just here in Florida or elsewhere?

Savannah: I did stand-up at the improve there in Orlando, also Bonkers, and then a couple places I had guest sets in NYC, I puked everytime before those, New York comedy seemed so larger than life to me at the time, I remember being outside of Time's Square and I was about to go on in like 2 minutes and looking down the street at all the lights and puking right there in the middle of the street, then running inside to do my set which started with, "Hey guys, I'm Savannah, I'm from Florida and I just puked in the street outside so watch your step when
you're leaving".

Me: I was watching "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien" a few years ago, and I think I saw you with a snake handler. You sure love them reptiles.

Savannah: I love reptiles! They are amazing and beautiful and so much smarter than most people thing! I worked at The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California forever and I learned from one of the most renound reticulated python breeders in the world, his name is Jay Brewer. He taught me alot about about everything, it was only when I didn't listen that I ended up shedding a little blood.

Me: You said you were bitten over a hundred times, Savannah, what was the worst bite?

Savannah: The worst was probably a bite from a flase water cobra baby, I was taking a picture of him while he was biting me and it looked so cute that I just couldn't stop taking pictures and I kinda forgot that he was rear-fanged with a mild venom. The snake kept looking at me like, "Hey crazy lady, I'm biting you!!!!" but I just kept snapping pictures, in the end my hand swelled up into a gigantic Incredible Hulk like fist for about 3 days solid. No hospital trip though, it was my fault.

Me: What made you chose to work with reptiles? Of all the jobs in the world?!

Savannah: I don't feel like I really chose it, more over it chose me, after working at The Reptile Zoo a while I started to remember stories of catching snakes and lizards when I was younger and trying to do surgery on a frog with a broken leg. I even had 3 baby alligators as pets before owning exotics was such a big dramatic deal, I used to take baths with them, it was the most fun! And when they got too big, I just let them go back into the wild. This is more along the lines of what I did at The Reptile Zoo, lots of writing and playing with kids and animals and making videos and pulling snake eggs!!.aspx,!.aspx,, >>">,

Me: What was the experience like being on Conan's show? Did you get to meet

Savannah: Conan was awesome! So friendly and wonderful, when we were reheasing for
the show one of the snakes we were using decided it would be a good time to take a big poop, all over Conan's desk and on the floor and everywhere on the set, it was so funny, everyone was a lil grossed out but laughing uncontrollably. Those are the things you never get to see on real TV. Snakes always like to go poop when they are frightened or uncomfortable, I think the snake just had stage fright.

Me: Savannah, you recorded two CD's. Are they available on iTunes? They were recored while you lived here in Florida, right? Are you planning on recording anymore?

Savannah: I don't know if I have anything on iTunes or not, if I do I don't know who's selling it or where the money is going because I certainly haven't seen any of it. Me and Bubba recorded those CD's together and it was so much fun! Working with him was like working with Elvis, I was so honored to be his partner in comedy and in music. I think there might be a few Cd's left that I donated to Grind for Life that are for sale at their thrift store in Cocoa Beach, it's
called Thrift for Life, the money from that goes to help people with cancer, I don't know where the iTunes money goes?

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about Grind for Life, Savannah, as this is a really cool thing. Can you explain what Grind for Life is?

Savannah: Grind For Life is a non-profit organization that helps people with cancer
travel to get medical treatment and just basically be able to live and pay bills while they are in treatment. The founder is a man named Mike Rogers, he is a 2 time cancer survivor and all around bad ass on a skateboard. When he had cancer both times, his friends, all skaters, got together and raised money for him to be able to travel to get treatment, and now Mike does the same thing for other people in the same situation. Every penny of the money goes to help people, I have known him for a long time and I have seen him give over his last dime to
help someone else. The Grind For Life Organization is amazing!

Me: My son is 11 and is getting into skateboarding a little, but your son is really into skateboarding, right? Is that how you came to be a part of Grind For Life?

Savannah: Gage is 16 now and skating all over Southern California and definately living the dream, when he was skating contests in Florida I met Mike's long time girlfriend Jill and we started talking and the rest is really history, we were always at the same events and I really like both Mike and Jill alot and what they were doing with a staff of two was amazing and I wanted to help. My grandfather died from cancer when I was in high school and he was the best man
ever! He taught me everything I knew as a little girl about comedy, how to write songs, art, catching snakes, etc... the cause was close to my heart and I am grateful just to be able to be a part of it. PS, they sell decks, wheels, etc... all that have been donated to also raise money so if your kids needs gear... get it there!
Me: Where is Grind For Life based at, Savannah?

Savannah: Grind For Life is based in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida!

Me: Savannah, thanks so much for being on the Phile, it was a real pleasure to have you here. Is there a website or anything you want to plug?

Savannah: Nothing much to plug, I am grateful for every single part of my life and every person in it, good or bad. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing life and I am so happy to be able to help Gage live his dream now. If you wanna get in touch with me and see what I'm doing go here: Don't kill snakes and lizards! Help Grind For Life Help People with Cancer. 

Me: Please come back again soon, and keep me posted on Grind For Life and everything. I really hope you release more music, and success to you and Gage. All the best, Savannah, take care.

Savannah: Hey, thanks man! You're the best! Talk to you again son I hope! Much love.

There, that about does it. Thanks to Jeff Trelewicz and of course Savannah. The Phile will be back tomorrow with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, "Weird Al" Yankovic's drummer. And then next Sunday it's singer RJ Chesney. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. That means you, Savannah. Bye, love you, bye.

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