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Pheaturing Staci Butler From Staci's Edge

Hello, my phriends, and welcome to a Phriday entry of the Phile. I have a really good entry for you today. Phirst of, the gas prices are rising, the Presidential races are heating up, and there’s trouble in the Middle East, but none of that concerns me because it was Library Week. This is the week that we celebrate America’s libraries by returning overdue books. I never understood people that keep books longer than they should. The purpose of borrowing something is that you return it. Unless you’re Lindsay Lohan and it’s a necklace. And yes, I did get a book out from the library. I read Carl Hiaasen's "Skinny Dip". Actually, truth be told, I didn't get the book version, I got the book on CD version to listen to in my car on my way to work. But, I did get it from the library. So, Republicans and Democrats agreed on a budget deal and a short-term funding extension to keep this country not moving forward. The contract disputes that were holding up the fourth season of “Jersey Shore” have been resolved. They will now receive $100,000 per episode, which should cover their gym, tan, laundry, and plaster lawn sculptures for life. Donald Trump insists that he is going to run for president. I guess he figures if he can pull off that hairstyle, he can do anything. Trump says he’s President Obama’s worst nightmare. Is that scarier than Oprah hiding in the Lincoln Bedroom? Jennifer Lopez, or as I like to call her J-Lo, was chosen as the world’s most beautiful woman by People magazine. But anybody looks good when they’re sitting next to Steven Tyler. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced that he will seek the Republican presidential nomination. He has a slogan to win over the Republicans: “Vote for me, I’m not Trump.” Canada may postpone an important political debate because it may conflict with a hockey game. An entire nation is willing to put democracy on hold to watch burly guys smash each other in the face. That is awesome. There used to be so much fighting in hockey that each game was like an episode of “The View.”
President Obama laid out his plan to reduce the $14 trillion national debt. Unfortunately for Sasha and Malia, it involves selling a lot of girl scout cookies. If you stacked 14 trillion dollar bills on top of each other, the stack would almost definitely fall over and kill everyone in the United States. Oprah says that the president and first lady will appear on her April 2 show. At the end, she’ll be giving them away. Sports fans, Barry Bonds was charged with obstruction of justice, as well as obstructing anyone that sat behind him in a movie theater. Anyway, it's Friday, right? Have you seen that popular Rebecca Black video on Youtube? It's really popular and the song "Friday" is really catchy. If you haven't seen it, check out these actual screen shots from it.

Man, that's an awful wreck. Have you seen the new tags they are starting to put on clothes? I noticed this on one of my t-shirts the other day.

Okay, now for something serious... I mentioned Obama's plan to reduce the 14 million dollars in the national debt, right? Well, I don't really understand it, so I thought I would ask someone who could explain it to me. So, once again, it's time to...

So, I asked Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee to explain things.

Me: Chairman Reince, President Obama proposed trillions in new taxes to bankroll the liberal Democrats' big government policies, right? Can you explain what it means?

Reince: The tax hikes President Obama wants will only fuel Washington's addiction to spending rather than help curb it. More importantly, they will hurt one of the strongest engines of growth and job creation in our economy: small businesses. And they will harm middle class families by taking more money from their pockets at a time when Americans need every dime to cover their expenses.

Me: How much taxes will an average American be spending, Chairman?

Reince: According to the Tax Foundation, Americans will pay more in taxes in 2011 than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined, and it's still not enough for Barack Obama.

Me: Chairman, Obama said he is going to run for President again. Do you think he has a chance of winning another term?

Reince: Friend, we must make Barack Obama a one-term president to put an end to his devastating higher taxes and reckless spending ways.

Me: Okay, so, if a Republican wins, what are their goals? What have they done?

Reince: Republicans have already cut tens of billions in 2011 spending... the largest one-year budget cut in American history.

There you have it, kids. I don't think Reince answered my questions the way I wanted, and I said it before, I don't think he likes the President. I need to try and get a member of the Democratic party on the Phile. Anyway, thanks to Reince for taking part and not really explaining anything.

Sidney Lumet
June 25, 1924 - April 9, 2011
He's dead as hell and he's not going to take this anymore!

Staci's Edge has got it going on, Staci's Edge has got it going on. I am sorry, every time I think of the band today's guest is in, a certain Fountains of Wayne song sticks in my head. Anyway, today's guest is the lead singer in the Texas based rock band Staci's Edge. Their new album "I've Got It All" is now available on iTunes, and they'll be playing next in Cypress, Texas for the Spaulding for Children Charity event, Aces for Adoption Opening Reception. Please welcome to the Phile... Staci Butler, who has it going on.

Me: Hello, Staci, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you?

Staci: Hi, Jason!! I am doing great! Thanks for having me on the Phile!

Me: Tish Meeks from 3 Kisses hooked you up for this interview. How long have you two been friends?

Staci: Tish and I have been friends for about a year. We met through

Me: Have you ever written or played together?

Staci: We have not written or played together BUT I hope to do both in 2011.

Me: Congrats on being voted the best rock band of 2010 with the Houston Press Music Awards. Was there a big ceremony and did you get a cool statue?

Staci: Actually we were nominated for Best Rock Band by the Houston Press Music Awards. We didn't win but I'm pretty sure we came in at a close second... LOL. There was a really cool awards ceremony that we went to where we officially partied like rock stars. But the cool statue went to Lotus Effect who we know and like so it's all good :) The nomination itself was such a big honor. We are so grateful for it.

Me: You have a new album out called "I've Got It All" which I downloaded from iTunes. How long did it take you to record the album, Staci?

Staci: Too long... LOL. We started it in April 2010 and I thought it would take a few months. But of course these things never go as planned. I underestimated how much work and stress recording and producing 11 songs would be all by myself. I have a whole new appreciation for producers!

Me: It's your debut one, right?

Staci: Yes, it is the Staci's Edge debut album.

Me: How long have you been writing and performing, Staci? You're pretty good on that guitar, y'know.

Staci: Thank you! I've been playing guitar, writing and performing for about 15 years. But for the last two years I've really been focusing on honing my skills. I actually stopped playing guitar for about 3 years. Life changes got in the way (got married, had a baby, etc) and I honestly thought I would never play again. But music has a way of haunting me if I don't play so fortunately I picked the Les Paul back up and I've been rocking it ever since.

Me: Speaking of your guitar, every picture I have seen of you you are holding the same Gibson Les Paul. You must be very proud of that guitar. It is a beauty... and very red. Even in black and white pictures it shows up red. LOL. How long have you had it and where did you get it?

Staci: LOL... yes, the red guitar has become my trademark so to speak. I've been playing that guitar for many years. I'm so comfortable playing it that it is hard to pick up another guitar and play. I bought it brand new at Guitar Center many years ago. That guitar has seen the inside of every bar in Houston :) It gets around.

Me: What year is that guitar? You must have back-ups, right?

Staci: It is a 1998 Les Paul Studio. Yes, I also have an Ibanez JS 100 and a Fender Tele Thinline. AND I am looking for a Paul Reed Smith to round out the collection!

Me: I mentioned Tish Meeks who has been on the Phile three times and every time I interview her it seems like she has a new tattoo. Do you have any?

Staci: I only have one tattoo that is in an area that not many people see :-) I've been thinking about getting the RED guitar tattooed on my back. YES, I love that damn guitar.

Me: Let's talk about your band Staci's Edge. Where did that name come from? I know where the word Staci came from, but why Edge?

Staci: When the band formed we decided since I was lead singer AND lead guitar player AND wrote the music, Staci should be in the band name. But we didn't want to call it the Staci Butler Band. So we decided it would be “Staci's [insert word here]”. My rhythm guitarist's wife came up with Edge. I think Edge represents my personality as well as the tone of the music. It's edgey :)

Me: Did you hear the Edge from U2 is going start a new band? It's going to be called Edge's Staci.

Staci: LMAO. Sorry. LOL, you're so funny.

Me: Thanks. How long has the band been together and who is in the band with you?

Staci: The band formed in late 2008. I have three very dedicated, patient guys who play with me regularly. Kirk Gentle on drums, Chris Shaw on guitar and Corey Moss on bass. These guys probably deserve an award for putting up with me :-)

Me: What made you start and name a band instead of going out as Staci Butler? Staci Butler is a cool stage name.

Staci: You think so? I never really thought about being a solo artist type. I've always been a part of a band and I like it that way.

Me: You have a child, right? What do they think of their mom being a rocker? They must get a kick out of it. Or is it just normal to them? My dad was the lead singer of Foghat and growing up I didn't think twice because that's all I knew.

Staci: Yes, I have a 5 year old daughter. She thinks everybody's mom is in a rock band. It's so normal for her because that's what she's seen me do her whole life. She knows all the lyrics to my songs and sings them regularly. But I was disappointed when she told me she didn't want to play guitar. She wants to be the keyboard player. OK, I can live with that.

Me: Is your husband a musician as well? Do you ever run the songs pass him?

Staci: My husband can barely play the radio... LOL. He gets to hear all new songs first and 9 times out of 10 they are about him :-)

Me: What about touring? Are you kids planning on touring the States? You could come down to Disney and play down here.

Staci: I would love to play Disney. Hook a sista up! :-) We are planning on doing regional touring this year to promote the CD. We want to play in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Maybe even take it international and play Louisiana!

Me: You're a fan of Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi, right? Have you had the chance to meet them?

Staci: Yes, I am a big fan of both. I've never met either one but I did see Susan at the House of Blues last year. She really was a big inspiration for me.

Me: You must be a fan of the blues, right?

Staci: BIG blues fan. I like Texas blues, Chicago blues, old school blues. I like it all. I really try to put myself into the music emotionally so that people can really feel what I am trying to say. So the blues has been a huge influence on my music and my guitar playing.

Me: Staci, what is next for your band? I wish you continued success, Staci, and when your next album comes out you are welcomed to come back. Why don't you go ahead and plug your website and anything else you want to?

Staci: Thanks, Jason!! You can find Staci's Edge on the web at:,, What's next? I am already writing new material for the next album. :-)

Me: Thanks for being on the Phile and tell Tish I said hello.

Staci: Thank you and I will! :-)

Well, that about does it for another entry of the Phile. Thanks to Reince Priebus for taking time out to dodge a few questions and of course to Staci Butler. The Phile will be back again tomorrow. Yes, just like last week the Phile has two entries. Tomorrow's guest will be Maureen Davis, lead singer for the band The Flutterbies, Los Angeles' hottest alt-country upstarts. Also I will have the announcement of the 15th book in the Peverett Phile Book Club. And then the Phile will be back the following Saturday with Staci's friend, Texas singer Sheila Swift. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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