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Pheaturing Chuck Silver From Sci-Fried

Hello there, welcome to the Phile, I am your host, star of the new movie Battlefield Groveland. Did you guys see the Super Moon a few days ago? As I was leaving work I saw it and the first thing I thought of was did the Earth move closer to the moon? I was so confused. Then driving home I was watching it to see if it would get bigger. I thought this was it, the Mayans got it wrong, the Earth is gonna end in 2011 not next year. I wondered if I would need a silver bullet. I am like, man, there's gonna be a lot of werewolves out now. Did you kids have a safe St. Patricks's Day? Did you know the day after St. Patrick’s Day is called National Too-Sick-to-Go-to-Work Day. Between St. Patrick’s Day, the start of the NCAA tournament, and a new episode of “Jersey Shore,” America is officially out of alcohol. Donald Trump said no one in Hawaii seems to remember President Obama growing up there, but everyone in Trump’s neighborhood remembers him growing up. Who wouldn’t remember a 12-year-old with a comb-over? An Ethiopian man won the marathon and broke all the records. He had never run in a race and he had a bad stomach going into it. In fact, he didn’t even know he was in a marathon. Anyway, back to the moon, I was surprised there is a Star Wars poster tied into it. Today's guest Chuck Silver will like this.

So, today we went back to St. Augustine, and when we were there I realized something... everything in that town is haunted. The lighthouse: haunted, the forts: haunted. The graveyard: haunted. Flagler College: haunted. Hell, even Chick Fil-A there is haunted.

Liz Taylor
February 27, 1932 - March 23, 2011
8 weddings and a funeral,
Pinetop Perkins
July 7, 1913 - March 21, 2011
Pine on top of Pinetop.
Warren Christopher
October 27, 1925 - March 18, 2011
Warren, peace.
Ferlin Husky
December 3, 1925 - March 17, 2011
Gone on the wings of a dove.

This is the 14th book to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Book Club...

One of the authors, Toby Hadoke, will be a guest on the Phile next week.

Today's guest is the lead guitarist for the Florida band Sci-Fried whose new album "Future Tense" drops this Friday and will be available on iTunes. They will be appearing at MegaCon here in Orlando this weekend and they're going to be at A Comic Shop in Winter Park, Florida from 7pm to Midnight after MegaCon at their CD release party. Please welcome to the Phile... Chuck Silver.

Me: Hi there, Chuck, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you?

Chuck: Great, thanks. We're always glad to meet new fans from the Orlando area.

Me: Sci-Fried is based here in Central Florida, is that right? So is the Phile. What part of Central Florida are guys from?

Chuck: Well its kinda crazy... I live in Ovideo by UCF, Sunni or bass player lives in Orlando near A Comic Shop, Dr. Vern and KSV live in the Lakeland area and our drummer Jim lives in Miami... but we make it work because everyone loves what we are doing so much that the travel and getting together is all worth it.

Me: I seem to recognize you all... either from Star Wars Weekends at Disney or MegaCon or something. Do you get out and go to those places? That's a no shit question I guess.

Chuck: Oh yes, I have been to all the Star Wars Weekends since they started... LOL. 2008 I missed almost all of it while we were recording our original album "Geeks Unite". We also attend Megacon, FX show, Spooky Empire, the old Vulkons that were in Longwood and just about all the other local conventions. We played last year at the Wolfpack Elite MegaCon party at the Backstage nightclub at the Rosen. We've also done a few shows with some of the other local nerd music artists in Orlando.

Me: I first heard about Sci-Fried from my friends Stu and Todd from Heroes Landing... a shout out to them. How long have you guys been together in a band?

Chuck: We started in 2006 doing parodies for fun, and that lead to writing original songs in with the same themes... but 2007 was when we formed Sci-Fried and started as a full band.

Me: Whose idea originally was to go covers to songs with a sci-fi spin? It's very Weird Al-ish.

Chuck: Well, Jim, Vern, KSV and I all played with parodies even before we all met. Vern is a MC at several local nightclubs and over the years he as taken karaoke versions of popular songs and wrote sci-fi themed or geek themed lyrics to them. KSV was well known for doing crazy parodies during Verns shows, as wierd al is a major inspiration to him. "Star Wars Idiot" from our "Ramming Speed" album is a song that KSV wrote long ago and was recorded by Sci-Fried as a band years later. Jim was first to say, hey lets record our own parodies and see what happens... LOL. That day we became a band.

Me: I noticed you didn't use a Foghat song yet. Yo-da... easy take it. Yo-da... easy take it. What do you think? Can I write a song for your next album?

Chuck: LOL... since we started Sci-Fried we have all sorts of requests for parodies and originals... see thats the great thing about this project, with in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek world there are so many franchises and genres that we can write about.. .the themes are endless within the world of all that is Geek... we actually have done a few parodies that were written by other people and Sci-Fried them up. Send me what you got... LOL. We do have a section on our web site for FREE downloads... most of them are parodies... these were all done after "Ramming Speed". We're still writing parodies and love doing them. We actually have a few that we are working on now. But with the release of "Future Tense" we're going to wait till later on in the year to release more free parodies on our web site.

Me: I noticed a lot of your songs have Star Wars themes. Is that because you are all are Star Wars fans, or is there so much material?

Yeah, we all love Star Wars, but it just seemed to work out like that when we were doing our first recording of parodies. On "Ramming Speed" we actually have 5 Star Wars songs and 5 "Star Trek" songs, all parodies. Each with its own original intro to each section of songs. On "Geeks Unite" we only have 1 original Star Wars song and 3 original "Star Trek" songs, and on "Future Tense" we only have 1 Star Wars themed song it's called "Embrace The Dark Side"
and the one on "Geeks Unite" is called "Rebel Cry". We actually have a video for it that we shot at Star Wars Celebration V, and the 501st party we played at. Check out

Me: Who does the song writing mostly?

Chuck: Jim does alot of composing, as do I. KSV and Vern write lots of the lyrics and composed some music as well. We all have an active part in the song writing process. Jim and I do most of the initial recording process and then Sunni, Vern and KSV add their input and style. Nothing ever finishes as it starts, everyone adds some flavor to each song.

Me: Lets talk about the band name, it's a great play on word name. Who came up with that? Was there any other names that were rejected?

Chuck: Funny, I was just telling this story the other night over some Crown Royal with friends... LOL. We started with a sort of joking working title of "Ramming Speed". Which we ended up naming our all parody album. We were really into doing the first group of songs
and every time we would get together we would throw out band names and all would get shot down. We did not want the name to be something from a show or movie, cuz then people would think thats all we sung about... ie: if we called our selves Jedi Knights
people would think we sing all Star Wars songs... see Warp 11 was a great inspiration to us, but they DO sing all "Star Trek" songs so it works. So this went on for months and literally I was just standing there and said, "I want it to be a play of Sci-Fi, something like Sci-Fried...
wait Sci-Fried, thats it!" I called everyone that second and they were all down... it hit me like the Force... LOL.

Me: I downloaded your albums from from iTunes and got a kick out of them. My favorite song is "Star Wars Idiot"that you mentioned. What can we expect to hear from "Future Tense"?

Chuck: Cool, KSV will be pleased that is your favorite. On "Future Tense" we take what we did on "Geeks Unite" and take it to the next level. We've learned a lot since we wrote "Geeks Unite", we've also grown as musicians and I think it will show in the sound of this album.
We're showing everyone the definition of Geek Rock with this album. Our lead song "Geek Rock" makes a statement of the world of the geek age and how we are here and it's our time. Other themes include, Aliens, video games, "Super Friends", Ghostbusters, Star Wars, "Star Trek", "Monty Python", "Firefly", Evil Dead, "War of the Worlds" and "Stargate". We also have songs about geek love, vampires, Area 51 and a song about the future we were promised. We are all very excited for everyone to hear it.

Me: I read you guys did a Star Wars Christmas song. Will that be on the album?

Chuck: We wrote "A Star Wars Christmas" and got to work with another great Orlando artist Marc with a C. We invited him to sing with Vern and KSV and he was in the video with us.
We talked about putting it on this album, but we decided to give it as a free Christmas present to everyone... so its a FREE download on our website. We also made a great video for it, we did 24,000 hits and we only had it up 1 or 2 weeks before Christmas. We are already talking about doing another original Christmas song next yet, not sure if it will be Star Wars or not... maybe "Star Trek".

Me: Every Christmas since it came out I always listened to the Star Wars Christmas album Meco put out in the 70's. Do you remember it? You're probably way too young.

Chuck: I think you mean "Christmas in the Stars"? I know Meco did "Galaxy Funk" or something like that. His version of the Star Wars theme is epic... but there was an official Star Wars Christmas album called "Christmas in the Stars" It's not that good, really geared for kids.. Lots of the comments on Youtube were like, "Wow, that's much better then the "Christmas in the Stars".

Me: Any "Doctor Who" songs planned?

Chuck: We ran out of time for the "Doctor Who" song, but it was on our radar. I've been watching more on BBC America, but did not have time to do anything for "Future Tense". Like I said that's the great thing, there are so many cool themes we can use for songs it's hard to get to them all but we will! After our 50th CD I bet someone will still say, "Hey, you sould do a song about "Space 1999", you don't have a "Space 1999" song... that's my favorite show..." LOL.

Me: After "Future Tense" do you have any other releases planned? How about a live CD?

Chuck: We have plans to start working on a DVD for maybe a Christmas release, we also have a few parodies we may do and put up on our free downloads section. We will be doing a few music videos for songs from "Future Tense" throughout the year. We have not had a chance to make a proper live recording of our audio, but we do have plans on recording a live set and possible including it on the DVD.

Me: Chuck, thanks so much for being on the Phile. Come back again in the future, and bring the other guys as well. Go ahead and plug your website and anything else you wanna.

Chuck: All our music videos and free downloads can be found at News Pictures, tour info and more all on our web site. Lots of great specials at A Comic Shop during the party! For the release night Sci-Fried will be selling Future Tense for $5 at the party. This will only be available during the party March 25th at A Comic Shop. We're even going to throw in one of our new stickers (while supplies last). Music available from the performers too, so come out and show your support for your local artists!
We also have several live shows coming up too. Find all the dates on our web site.

Me: Continued success, you guys. Very original and clever.

Chuck: Thanks, I'll look for you at the party Friday night!

There you go, another entry of the Phile. If you are going to MegaCon, stop by and see Chuck and the Sci-Fried guys and tell them I said hello. I have to work, so don't think I will be able to make it this year. The Phile will be back next Wednesday with Peverett Phile Book Club author Toby Hadoke and the week after that it's American music legend Danny Nova. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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