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Pheaturing Inara George From The Bird & The Bee

Happy Veterans Day and hello, welcome to another entry of the Phile, and the last for a Thursday for awhile. More on that later. So, how are you? I am so excited they are playing Christmas music at Disney and the decorations or slowly going up. But for 22 years I thought the 60 foot Christmas tree at Epcot was real... then this year I discover it in five pieces backstage. I was shattered. Speaking of Disney, the greatest company to work for ever, this week every Cast Member (employee to you) was given a free copy of Toy Story 3 on blu-ray. That makes two things I received from them this week that makes me cry... my paycheck and the movie. Police in San Diego have uncovered a huge smuggling tunnel under the border with Mexico containing 25 tons of marijuana — and a couple of very stoned Chilean miners. So, did any of you readers run in the New York City Marathon? Sometimes they run episodes of a TV show and they call it a “marathon.” That’s like calling a bowl of ice cream a “lap.” The New York City Marathon is very prestigious. In front of the Plaza Hotel, runners have to hurdle over furniture thrown out by Charlie Sheen. Former president George W. Bush released his new memoir. By the way, “memoir” is just a fancy word for “a bunch of stuff that happened to me.” Bush’s memoir is 512 pages. To be fair, 200 of those pages are just games and puzzles. In the middle of the book is an Iraq maze which is pretty much impossible to get out of. President Obama is touring Asia making trade deals. He signed a $10 billion pact with India, brokered a deal to make India part of the Security Council, and got a $15 late fee removed from his Visa card. So, last Saturday Logan had his 11th birthday party at a place called Rebounderz which is an indoor trampoline arena. It was fun for five minutes before I cracked my back, fell, winded myself and seriously hurt my back. But I tried it, and for proof here is a picture of me on the trampoline.

It's fun if you are twenty years younger than me. Check it out on the web at I mentioned today is Veterans Day, right? I Well, I was so happy when I saw a Veterans Day inspirational poster. Take a look.

, now for sad news...

Dino de Laurentiis
August 8, 1919 - November 11, 2010
He made Manhunter, Hannibal, and Red Dragon but decided to pass on Silence of the Lambs. Good move there, Dino.
Jill Clayburgh
April 30, 1944 - November 5, 2010
Sparky Anderson
February 22, 1934 - November 4, 2010
Funny that they used to call him "Old Sparky". Well, kinda funny.

Megamind (Will Ferrell), the famously evil alien supervillain, has devoted his life to defeating the dashing Metro Man (Brad Pitt). But when his latest plot to destroy Metro Man actually works and Metro City falls undefended into his foul clutches, Megamind finds himself feeling rather lost. Incomplete and purposeless, adrift without a yin to his yang, he hatches a plot to create a replacement superhero and thus a new reason for being… until his new enemy starts wreaking havoc instead of heroism, forcing Megamind to question everything as he sets out to save the city with the help of a local lady newscaster (Tina Fey). So, a smart send-up of the Superman myth and the age-old precept of good vs. evil, Megamind is a refreshingly solid animated tale that soars on vibrant visuals, energetic vocal performances and clever writing. Its savvy comic flair and subversion of familiar genre stuff also make this one of the better superhero films, animated or otherwise, to be released in recent years. So three cheers for Megamind for saving us from the dumbed-down, dopey, or straight-up boring animated children’s films we’ve seen march in and out of theaters this year! From 1 to 10, it gets a 10 and yes, I will be buying this movie!

And now for the announcement of the 11th book in the Peverett Phile Book Club. Here it is!

There are 62 LEGO bricks for every person in the world, and at age 30, Jonathan Bender realized that he didn't have a single one of them. While reconsidering his childhood dream of becoming a master model builder for The LEGO Group, he discovers the men and women who are skewing the averages with collections of hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks. What is it about the ubiquitous, brightly colored toys that makes them so hard for everyone to put down?
In search of answers and adventure, Jonathan Bender sets out to explore the quirky world of adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) while becoming a builder himself. As he participates in challenges at fan conventions, searches for the largest private collection in the United States, and visits LEGO headquarters (where he was allowed into the top secret set vault), he finds his LEGO journey twinned with a second creative endeavor—to have a child. His two worlds intertwine as he awaits the outcome: Will he win a build competition or bring a new fan of LEGO into the world? Like every really good love story, this one has surprises—and a happy ending. Explores the world of adult fans of LEGO, from rediscovering the childhood joys of building with LEGO to evaluating LEGO's place in culture and art. Takes an inside look at LEGO conventions, community taboos, and build challenges and goes behind-the-scenes at LEGO headquarters and LEGOLAND. Tells a warm and personal story about the attempt to build with LEGO and build a family. Whether you're an avid LEGO freak or a onetime fan who now shares LEGO bricks with your children, this book will appeal to the inner builder in you and reignite a love for all things LEGO. The book is available at Amazon or in your local book store. And as always, the author will be a guest on the Phile soon.

Today's guest is a Los Angeles, California-based singer-songwriter, one half of The Bird and the Bee, a member of the band Merrick, with Bryony Atkinson, and a member of the trio The Living Sisters, with Eleni Mandell and Becky Stark. Her 2006 solo album All Rise was a KCRW hit. The Bird and the Bee's new album came out earlier this year called Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates. Please welcome to the Phile, the very talented and busy... Inara George.

Me: Hello, Inara, how are you? Welcome to the Phile, my dear. This is the biggest honor ever.
First of, my dad and yours knew each other. My dad was Lonesome Dave Peverett of Foghat. Tell the readers who your dad was.

Inara: My dad was Lowell George and was in the band Little Feat. He sang and played slide guitar.

Me: You were just a child when your dad passed away. Do you remember much about him?

Inara: Little flashes here and there... but not a whole lot.

Me: Where are you from, Inara, and where do you live now?

Inara: L.A. and I still live in L.A.

Me: You just did an album with Van Dyke Parks, the producer who worked with such bands as the Beach Boys. How was that collaboration?

Inara: It was really wonderful... He's an amazing musician and an amazing person.

Me: Van Dyke was friends of your dad as well. You must of known him all your life, right.

Inara: Indeed.

Me: Your solo album is called "The Invitation". How is that album different then the B&TB albums?

Inara: The album is all orchestrated... so it's really different. If The Bird and the Bee is 60's pop, that album may be 30's pop.

Me: Inara, I am a big fan of the Bird and the Bee. Where did you and the other half Greg Kurstin meet?

Inara: We met while making my solo record. He played piano and keyboard.

Me: Do you like collaborating with somebody else or doing your own solo stuff?

Inara: I've found that collaborating is a lot more fun for me. But I think doing my solo stuff is still really important for me to keep doing.

Me: Are you on tour right now? Will you be coming down to Florida anytime soon?

Inara: No plans for Florida yet... but hopefully sometime soon. We are not touring a ton...

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about your husband... director Jake Kasdan who directed some of my favorite movies. Have you ever acted in any of his films? What is your favorite film he made? Mine is Walk Hard, which has one of the best soundtracks ever.

Inara: I love "Walk Hard"... that's a great one. I wasn't in that film, but I sang on a few of the songs. But I would have to say my favorite is The TV Set. If you haven't seen it I recommend it.

Me: So, do you think Jake would be interested in doing a Peverett Phile interview?

Inara: Maybe... I would have to ask him.

Me: One of my favorite albums of the last year is Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future. Who came up with that title and what does it mean?

Inara: Thank you. The name comes from one of the songs, Ray Gun. And that song was inspired by a segment on "60 Minutes' about how the us military has invented a ray gun.

Me: Tell me about the song "Fucking Boyfriend". Nothing like a hot chick singing a song with the word fuck in the title. Did you write that song? Is it a true story about anyone in particular?

Inara: Greg and I wrote the song. And thank you. And no one in particular... it's just sort of a culmination of different romantic experiences.

Me: What is your new project, Inara?

Inara: A Hall & Oates cover record.

Me: If you could duet with anybody, who would it be? You and Duffy would make a good duet together.

Inara: Sure, that sounds nice. But I would love to sing with Prince... if he'll have me.

Me: Inara, thanks again for doing this interview. Tell your husband and Greg I said hello, and if they are interested in being interviewed let me know. I hope this was fun, and I would love to interview you again one day. Go ahead and plug your website and say whatever you like to your fans and my fans who will read this.

Inara: Thank you for having me... And if you want to know more about the band you can go to or about me Thank you!!

"Nothing like a hot chick singing a song with the word fuck in the title." Man, I am an IDIOT! I say some stupid things sometimes. My wife would say, "Sometimes?!" Thanks to Inara for the interview. I hope she wasn't bored. And I hope she'll come back soon. Well, that about does it. Like I said before, this is the last entry to be posted on a Thursday for awhile. Starting next week the Phile will be posted back on Fridays, or as I like to call it here on the Phile... Phriday. Next week's guest will be a beautiful singer named Leah West who has a new album called "Beyond Words" which is available to download from iTunes. Spread the word, not the turd, don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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