Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pheaturing Brooke Waggoner

Hello, welcome to the 330th entry of the Phile, how are you? Before I start I have to let you know Jeff Cameron's new CD "Bargofaxis" is now available on iTunes and You know I am a big supporter of the album (I even posted a review of it on iTunes). It kicks of with the brilliant "Getting Into gear" which should be the single. Through the album of brilliant songs you have a little story about the return of Bargo. Jeff's lyrics are really clever and he put a lot of work into it... so go and purchase the album. If you are a fan of the Beatles and the Who, even NRBQ you would LOVE this album.

Okay, that's done. A research company used avatars of men dancing to determine which dance attracts the most women. They’re saying this research could finally lead to a cure for virginity.
Lindsay Lohan is in talks to make her first post-jail/rehab appearance on “Oprah.” I just hope Oprah doesn’t give her a car. On his way to Asia, Gov. Schwarzenegger posted a picture of himself saying that he was flying over Alaska but couldn’t see Russia anywhere. Not only is Schwarzenegger a fellow Republican, but Sarah Palin had a “Conan the Barbarian” poster on the wall of her igloo. It was reported that President Obama wasn’t wearing his wedding ring at a press conference. I guess that makes the press conference the second-most difficult speech he’ll give this week. A Playboy centerfold was tackled when she tried to open the emergency door on an airplane flight. She must have put up quite a fight because it took all 156 men on board to subdue her. A new study found that Facebook users tend to be more narcissistic than others. When Facebook users heard that, they said “Are you guys talking about me?” My wife would say I am probably the most narcissistic member of the lot. So, who saw the VMA's the other night? I watched "Big brother" instead. Lady Gaga (who could've been on the Phile) won eight awards at the VMAs and showed up covered in actual meat. This Atkins diet is getting out of control. It was a long show. She came wearing meat and left wearing jerky. It’s a bad week for George Michael. He’s going to jail because he crashed his car under the influence. The judge gave him eight weeks in jail. He said he’ll appeal for a longer sentence. George Michael once hit three parked cars with his one moving car. It’s why he named his band “Wham” in the first place. Health experts say hand-washing in public restrooms is on the rise. I think that’s just what health experts say when they’re arrested for loitering in public restrooms. Last week, Australian scientists discovered tractor beams and this week, they discovered that bats have regional accents. Is there anything Australian scientists can’t do? New FBI statistics say that crime in the United States fell 5 percent from last year. You see what happens when we put Lindsay Lohan in jail? You know things are bad when even criminals can’t find work in this country. Experts say the decrease in crime could be due to the aging of the population, increased incarceration, and many criminals finding jobs in the banking industry and on Wall Street. Hey, did you see the new Burger King ad?

And now for some sad news...

Harold Gould
December 10, 1923 - September 11, 2010

Kevin McCarthy
February 15, 1914 - September 11, 2010

And now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Least-Popular College Courses
10. American History, August 2010 - Present
9. Introduction to Middle-Management Douchebaggery
8. Alaskan State Government 101. Required text book: all of them.
7. Geek Mythology
6. English 380: How To Write A Novel Without Vampires
5. Basic Anatomy of Rosie O'Donnell
4. Study Abroad: Chilean Mine University
3. Palintology
2. Obamanomics 101 Trillion
And the number one least-popular college course is...
1. Jewish History with Guest Lecturer Mel Gibson

Joy Ike, are you excited? Today's guest s an American singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Her new album "And the World Opened Up" will be out on September 29th, and she has a bunch of singles being released week by week on Itunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Brooke Waggoner.

Me: Hello, Brooke, how are you? Welcome to the Phile.

Brooke: I'm doing well, thanks!

Me: I just purchased your album "Heal For the Honey" off from iTunes and what a beautiful album. Very relaxing. You must be proud of it. When was it recorded?

Brooke: Recorded winter, Jan. '08. and thx for purchasing it!

Me: What does the name "Heal For the Honey" mean?

Brooke: It's about being patient and preparing for the prize that's ahead. Not selling out and being short-sighted. Wait til it's right.

Me: You also have an EP called "Fresh Pair of Eyes" which I also purchased. Was the EP a learning curve for you?

Brooke: I guess you could call it that. It was my first real project. I did learn a ton and got to finally record what I'd been dying to record for years.

Me: When you perform live do you take a band or just perform with you and a piano?

Brooke: Depends on the show. A lot of times I play solo and always have a cellist with me. other times I have a 5-piece. And for really big shows, I'll have up to 18 players!

Me: Did you grow up listening to Tori Amos? Who did you grow up listening to?

Brooke: Never really listened to Tori. I grew up listening to ELO, classical, lots of film scores, Simon & Garfunkel, and whatever else my dad was into :)

Me: You are based in Nashville, right, but are you originally from there?

Brooke: Not from Nashville; grew up in South Louisisana.

Me: How do you go and write your music? Lyrics first or music first?

Brooke: Music. Always music first. Lyrics come last.

Me: I read your influences, Brooke... Mary Tyler Moore, trapeze artists and mermaids. Tell me about those three. You should make a video starring MTM, with you swinging on a trapeze and then swimming like a mermaid.

Brooke: Perhaps!

Me: Speaking of video, I LOVE the video for "Live For The Sounds". Where was that made? It looks like it took a long time filming with all those shots. The orchestra in it, do they play on the album?

Brooke: Thank you! That was made here in Nashville with lots of friends. Some of the girls do play on the album... it only took us a day to actually shoot it all (lots of prep time leading up to it, though..)

Me: Congrats on being voted number one for the Faith Inspired Album of the Year by Patrol Magazine. Was that a big thrill for you? Do you consider your music to be faith inspired?

Brooke: Thanks! I was very honored by that and not expecting it at all. My music is definitely faith-inspired. It's apart of my life and that doesn't go away in my writing.

Me: Do you have a website you would like to plug? Anything you wanna tell the Phile readers?

Brooke: go to for updates, videos, and a new webstore filled with new merch and such...

Me: I wish you all the best, and I hope this was fun. Thanks for doing this.

Well, that about does it for this entry. Thanks to Brooke for a good interview. Next Thursday the Phile will be back with British recording artist Doris Brendel. Once again, go and download or purchase Jeff Cameron's new album "Bargofaxis". Wait a minute, Jeff is here.

Me: Now "Bargofaxis" is released are you happy?

Jeff: Yes, I am.

Me: Where can a Phile reader purchase it?

Jeff: It can be purchased at or at iTunes or

Thanks for mentioning me and the Phile in the liner notes, Jeff.

Jeff: You're welcome, Jason, my pleasure.

Me: There's major advertising out about it, right?

Jeff: There are current or upcoming ads in Billboard magazine Sept 25 issue. Goldmine Magazine current special Lennon issue , and another ad in two weeks? And Myspace online ads... possibly more coming.

Me: Thanks for the update, Jeff.

Jeff: Oh thank you, Jason. Listen, there's a Shemp Howard festival about 35 miles from
here, could I borrow your car for a little while? Do you have any cash on you? Oh, I forgot my sunglasses, who's are these? Oh yes, fit perfectly. Oh, do you have any soda? "Bargofaxis" the first sixties concept album of the 21st century... 13 brand new songs and five spoken vinyettes about the story of Bargo. What kind of cheese is that, Jason? Do you have any Ritz crackers?
Mmm these are good, have one.

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