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Pheaturing Jon David

Hello, welcome to the Phile, back on Thursday, I am your host, Jason Peverett. I just completed nine work days in a row which is like a miracle for me. Then last night I went to see John Hiatt in concert. And no, he is not the owner of the hotel chain. He played for over two hours and it was a great show. I even got to meet him, kids.

My goal now is to get him on the Phile. So... Former President George W. Bush is working on his memoirs. I’m excited just to hear him pronounce the word “memoirs.” This is supposed to be an incredibly honest account of the key decisions in the president’s life. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to “smooth vs. crunchy.” Is it really a good thing for President Bush to remind us of the decisions he made? I would have just let people forget. Speaking of smooth and crunchy, Ben & Jerry’s was giving out free ice cream and Starbucks was giving out free pastries all day the other day. Everyone is getting cocky because we have free health insurance.
It was announced today that pigeons will have their own reality TV show. It will be hosted by Mike Tyson. He collects pigeons the way Fabio collects my fan letters. That's a joke, by the way. Pigeons are great messengers. They can fly at speeds up to 60 mph. They’re dangerous though, as sometimes they can’t stop in time. They’re like flying Toyotas. The Senate held hearings on what role Goldman Sachs played in the mortgage meltdown of 2008. They allegedly sold bad mortgages to their clients and then bet against them to make profits for themselves. I think that’s what the “American Idol” judges are doing to us this season with these crappy singers. They’re down to the final six contestants on “American Idol.” It’s not a great crop of singers this year. They’re thinking of renaming the show “America Doesn’t Got Talent.” Did you see Shania Twain on "Idol"? I used to have the biggest crush on her. Shania Twain got divorced because her husband was sleeping with her assistant and now Shania is living with the assistant’s husband. She’s like the Larry King of Canada. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas shot a coyote while he was jogging. Who carries a gun while jogging? I can barely manage my iPod. Not like I ever going jogging. I barely like walking. I like the idea of runners carrying guns. Think of how interesting the Boston Marathon will be. The International Olympic Committee stripped China of its bronze medal in the women’s team gymnastics event from the 2000 Olympics because they fielded an underage athlete. Ten years later, when she still hadn’t finished high school, they figured it out. Stephen Hawking says he does believe in aliens but we shouldn’t try to contact them. I want nothing to do with aliens — I’m fine with Canadians though. So, you know I am a big fan of inspirational posters, right? Check out this one.

And now, from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is the...

Top Ten Signs You've Been Stuck At The Airport Too Long
10. Named your last two children "Cinnabon".
9. For fun you challenged air marshall to a taser fight.
8. You've blown your life savings on duty-free Kahlua.
7. Built yourself makeshift house out of gray conveyor belt security tubs.
6. Spent $6,000 pimping your luggage cart.
5. You're engaged to a metal detector wand.
4. Been there since before the Wright brothers were born. You'll go crazy trying to figure out that one, folks!
3. You dream of the day you get to sleep on the floor of the Admirals Club lounge.
2. Were just elected prime minister of the Republic of Terminal C.
And the number one sign you've been stuck at the airport for too long...
1. You get caught in the men's room "handling your baggage".

Dixie Carter
May 25, 1939 - April 10, 2010
Let's be clear here: Dixie Carter is NOT FAMOUS. Nobody ever played her. Nobody ever even THOUGHT about playing her. I am SO tired of all the "Hey! You forgot Dixie Carter!" emails, that I added her. Happy?

Train robber and one of the last of the Old West outlaws, Thomas "Black Jack" Ketchum is unsuccessfully hanged in Clayton, New Mexico. The executioner's poor choice of rope and Ketchum's recent increase in weight combine to produce a gruesome decapitation in the gallows.
With Allied forces closing in on Berlin, Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun in their fortified bunker. They kill themselves the following day.
The American 7th Army liberates the Dachau death camp outside of Munich.
Marilyn Barnett publicly alleged that she had a lesbian relationship for seven years with Billie Jean King, one of America's best-known female athletes and winner of many national and international tennis championships.
Rioting erupts in Los Angeles after Rodney King's assailants are acquitted by a jury. The looting and destruction begins in South Central L.A. and quickly radiates outward. By the time things are under control, 51 are dead and the city has sustained $1.5 billion in property damage. Civil disorder manages to spread to other North American cities, through the influence of live TV coverage.
Search and rescue teams begin dragging Maryland's muddy Wicomico River after former CIA director William Colby is reported missing. They soon discover his partially-submerged canoe underneath a boat dock, but his body isn't located until it rises to the surface a week later.

Today's guest is the 8th Peverett Phile Book Club Author who I used to work with at Disney years ago. His book "Diary Of A Lonely Demon" is available at and Please welcome to the Phile... Jon David.

Me: Hello, Jon, congratulations, sir, your book "Diary of a Lonely Demon" is the 8th book to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Book Club. So, how are you?

Jon: Thanks for the interview, Jason. It's good to see you again. I am very well, thank you for asking.

Me: Is this your first interview?

Jon: Second.

Me: Where are you from, Jon?

Jon: Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in the suburbs north of it.

Me: I bet your parents are proud of you, right?

Jon: They are indeed, I don't know what I would do without such encouragement.

Me: Recently I was at MegaCon in Orlando and met a few authors there. Are you planning on doing any convention appearances?

Jon: I've been to some local conventions like Youmacon which is mostly anime. The ironic part being that I'm not that much into anime at all. This year I'm attending Penguincon in May and of course I'll be at Youmacon again in the fall.

Me: Tell the readers about Morgalla. She is an interesting character I could see on merchandise or in a cartoon. How long ago did you create her?

Jon: I actually created her *hand to God* in the mid-90's before "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" came out. I thought I was being really original but I hate it that Whedon beat me to the punch. Oh well, them's the breaks. I thought I was being original by making a strong-woman character but hey, anime beat both myself AND Joss Whedon to the punch. "Tough chicks" seems to be in these days and people might think I'm just following a trend. First and foremost though, Morgalla is an individual as unique as a fingerprint as any of us are. Any other lables that might apply to her would only be secondary.

Me: Was she the first character you came up with?

Jon: Oh heck no, I've always come up with little characters here and there in my childhood.

Me: The drawing of her and the other characters in the book are very anime or magna inspired. Is that what you're into?

Jon: In terms of art and animation ironically no, I'm more into comics and that is more of an admiration type deal as well. I wanted to break into comics when I was younger but alas I could not. I was more inspired by the animation department of Warner Brothers in the past two decades with Paul Dini's writing and Bruce W. Timm's both writing and drawing style. Those guys were heavily envolved in the "Batman/Superman" and finally "Justice League" tv shows.

Me: How long did it take you to get the look of her right?

Jon: Not very long at all, she is precisely how I envisioned her. As my drawing style has evolved, so has she.

Me: She wears a lot of different T-shirts, Jon. A Peverett Phile t-shirt would look good on her. What do you think?

Jon: Mmmmmmaybe. *winks*

Me: How long did you write the book? It's the first in a trilogy, right?

Jon: Yes. The book was only a hobby years ago but around the turn of the century I sought out an avenue in which to be successful. I took the short story and did my best to make it bigger and better. It grew from 38,000 words to 98,000 today. It took a few good years to get it where it is today, since I have to work a full-time job I couldn't devote as much time as I wanted to the project.

Me: Are you working on the others or are they done?

Jon: The first draft of book two is done and is going through re-writes and the third book is about a third of the way done. I really want the three books to meld together in a true trilogy. There are aspects in each book that will tie in with the other two.

Me: Will it just be three books in this series?

Jon: Yes. That is for sure.

Me: Do you have plan for another series, with different characters?

Jon: Hmmm... yes but it's still too early in the planning phases to say anything.

Me: Jon, what inspired you to write a book, and who are your influences?

Jon: I have ideas and I enjoy writing about them. I'm not good enough to both write and draw out my own comic, so I guess this was the best to put my ideas out there. As for my influences, besides the men whom I mentioned before there are a hundred-and-one influences that I think people will see in my writing. Ironically, I'm more influenced by movies than anything but I own all seven Harry Potter books and have become a big fan of JK Rowling.

Me: Tell the readers of the Phile what the book is about.

Jon: In one sentence, it's about a young man who finds out his new girlfriend is a demon from Hell, hilarity ensues. But seriously, the entire series focuses on Morgalla who longs for as normal a life as possible. Some of the dangers she faces are of a fantasy/scifi influence but some of her problems are the same that we face every day.

Me: Would Christians like it? It is about Hell, right?

Jon: Yes they would. I'm sure there are some who will judge it by its subject matter, that I'm encouraging Satan-worshipping or something but that's not true at all. Morgalla wears a CROSS after all, the first book is about how she came to wear it. Christians will like it because it assures that faith in a higher power is a good thing.

Me: Are you gonna get the book put in stores?

Jon: Fingers crossed. Let us hope.

Me: If a Phile readers wants to know more and wants to purchase one, where should they go?

Jon: She also has a page on facebook, you can contact me through either of those sites if interested.

Me: Is there anything else you wanna say? Thanks for doing this interview and I wish you lots of luck. Keep writing, Jon. Continued success.

Jon: Thank you, Jason. I know people will be a fan of Morgalla if just given the chance.

That's it for another entry of the Phile. I have to go, but before I do, thanks to Jon David and Wikipedia. Don't forget May 1st it's free comic book day. The Phile will be back next Thursday with musician and radio personality Jeff Howell. Spread the word, not the turd. Bye love you bye.

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