Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pheaturing Heath Webb

Hello, welcome to a Tuesday entry of the Phile. Yes, because of the cock-up in my days off at work, the Phile is back on Tuesday, for this week anyway. Now that I’m here, you can look forward to an hour of crushing disappointment. So, how are you? You might be getting a lot of snow up North but we are getting a lot of rain here in Central Florida. I have been a bit down the last few days, kids. On Feb. 7th it was the ten year anniversary of my dad's passing, so this entry is dedicated to him. President Obama told a group of high school kids not to blow their college money in Las Vegas and people in Las Vegas are very upset. Without these kids’ college funds, who is going to take care of the ventriloquists and the prostitutes? Rahm Emanuel, who used an extremely offensive word to describe liberal democrats, apologized to the head of the Special Olympics and to Snooki from “Jersey Shore.” Adm. Michael Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he believes gays should serve in the military. All gays, whether they want to or not. Do you have Olympic fever? The Vancouver Olympics are coming up in just over a week now. I’m going to be adding sequins to my skating outfit this weekend. Did you know Facebook just had its birthday? Could you believe it was just six years ago that you could lose touch with people you don’t like? The Super Bowl was the most watched event on TV, which is not good news if you’re a member of the Indianapolis Colts. It’s nice that Americans can all agree on sitting down and watching two groups of huge men beat each other up. The Super Bowl is a day that Americans celebrate the physical accomplishments of world class athletes by dipping fried chicken in Ranch dressing. Toyota has recalled 300,000 of the Prius Hybrids. The engineers realized there was a problem when Prius drivers weren’t able to stop — talking about how great the Prius is. I have a Prius, but it's not getting recalled. They’ve got the Super Bowl fever this week and then, next week is Mardi Gras. So for the next month, New Orleans will be in a wild, uncontrollable bender. They’re changing the city mascot to Mel Gibson. So, at work I asked some of the college kids how can I make the Phile ore popular and get more readers, and I was told just anything with Twilight would be cool, so once again I have a screen shot from the new upcoming Twilight movie which the Boondock Saints have a cameo appearance. For real. So, kids, check this never before seen picture.

LOL. That is so stupid. If you think that's stupid, check out what happens right after this. Yes, here is another brand new screen shot.

I haven't seen the other Twilight movies, but I might need to see this one. Over the last few months I have been showing you different inspirational posters, and I thought this one was kinda scary.

Howard Zinn
August 24, 1922 - January 27, 2010

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed with "Lost".
10. Installed a hatch on the front of your pants.
9. You refer to your in-laws as the "Others".
8. You would watch it even if it were on NBC at 10pm.
7. As your plane is crashing, you wonder if you're involved in another inane plot twist.
6. ABC lists you as a dependent.
5. Can I get back to you on this? I'm watching "Lost".
4. You gained 100 pounds so you could be Hurley's stunt double.
3. You're deeply saddened when your Transpacific flight lands safely in L.A.
2. Created your own smoke monster by setting fire to your neighbor's house.
And the number one sign you're obsessed with "Lost"...
1. Willingly speeding home in your Toyota so you do not miss a single minute.

Here is the fifth book in the Peverett Phile Book Club, phans.

In a few weeks Frazer will be a guest on the Phile, which is cool as he'll be the third "Doctor Who" guest I had. Go to FrazerHines.com and order his book.

The first federal law prohibiting the importation of opium is enacted, aimed not particularly at the ravages the drug was having on American society (none: white people weren't using opium), but at the hated Chinee.
Senator Joseph McCarthy announces he has a list of 205 State Department employees who are Communist Party members. He did not mention that J. Edgar Hoover likes to wear garters and pumps.
Planet of the Apes opens.
Serial killer Ted Bundy abducts, rapes, and murders twelve year old Kimberly Leach of Lake City, Florida. He takes her from her junior high school, where she had been elected runner-up Valentine Queen the day before. Kimberly's remains aren't found for eight weeks. It is for this murder that Ted Bundy is sent to the Electric Chair ten years later.
Officials for the World Wrestling Federation testify before the New Jersey Senate that their matches are actually rigged. Say it ain't so!
Singer Del Shannon commits suicide with a .22 rifle. He is most remembered for his 1961 hit, "Runaway".

Today's guest is a country singer from Texas whose album "Before I Break" is available on iTunes. He'll be appearing at Mr. Will’s in Nacgodoches, Texas on February 13th so if you're in the area go check him out and tell him the Phile sent you. Please welcome to the Phile... Heath Webb.

Me: Hello, Heath, how are you?

Heath: A little windblown and hung over. Just got back from playing Amarillo last night, but all around I can't complain.

Me: Have you heard of Webb Wilder? You should go on tour with him, and call it the Webb Tour.

Heath: Yeah, I'm a fan of his, but I've never met the man.

Me: You're from Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly. Do you like Buddy Holly?

Heath: Definately. Spending time around here, you can't help but appreciate guys like him, and what they did for music, I mean if it wasnt for Buddy Holly we wouldn't have the Beatles, right?

Me: So, how long have you been playing and singing? Have you lived in Texas all your life?

Heath: I've been playing seriously around 5 years now, but I was always a huge music fan growing up.

Me: Did you know Texas is America's beard?

Heath: Heh, Never heard that one.

Me: Last December your CD was released. What can you tell the readers of the Phile about it?

Heath: Well, Its basically me and my friends putting my songs down on tape and having an absolute blast. It's called "Before I Break", and I really do think its got something for everybody. Whether your into folk, country or americana, there is something there for you.

Me: How many songs are on it?

Heath: Ten. Eight of them are mine and one Townes Van Zandt tune and one song by Steve Earle.

Me: I noticed you play left handed like Paul McCartney. Does that make it hard for you to find a good guitar?

Heath: Not really, I mean you can't just go down to Guitar Center and find something, and I usually have to find something I like and order it, but Martin makes all their guitars in left handed models, so they're pretty much all I play.

Me: One of your influences is Rodney Crowell. If I was to interview Crowell what should I ask him?

Heath: What it was like to hang out with Guy Clark, and to play with Emmy Lou Harris back in the day... awesome musicians.

Me: You are playing a lot of shows in Texas coming up, but any chance you are coming to Florida?

Heath: Well, my mother lives in Port St. Lucie, so you never know where I'll pop up, if time permits.

Me: What's your favorite song of all time?

Heath: There's so many... among the top would probably be "Revolution' by the Beatles or "To Live Is To Fly" by Townes Van Zandt.

Me: Who is in your band?

Heath: Currently, there's alot of people giggin with me, it pretty much depends on where we are and what kind of show it is .

Me: Heath, do you know any good jokes?

Heath: HA, probably none that are fit to print!

Me: I hope this was fun, sir. Good luck with everything.

Heath: Thanks for havin' me.

That about does it for another entry. Thanks to heath for a good interview and to Wikipedia. Check out Heath's album "Before I Break" on iTunes and download it. Okay, next Tuesday my wife is going into the hospital for some major surgery so the next entry of the Phile will be Wednesday with the band Tim Chad & Sherry. So, spread the word, not the turd. Bye love you bye. Now I am gonna go watch "Lost".

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